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drove down the Seaford, VA to meet Trey and Lindsey, there were Christmas ads on the radio and everyone was talking about how Thanksgiving was only a week away and I suddenly realized just how FAST this wedding season has flown by!! It’s just gone!! I feel like it was only a week or so ago that I was saying “We’re halfway there!”. Now we’re getting into the slow season and it’s already wonderful! We have a few weekends off from shooting weddings and we are shooting some engagements in between!

We love getting to meet our 2014 couples during their engagement sessions and getting to know them a little bit more.  Trey and Lindsey met us at her parent’s home on the water in Seaford and it was the perfect location! I just love it when brides opt to use family property for their portraits! Of course, that’s coming from a girl who put a 6,000 square foot tent in her parent’s backyard for her wedding. :) Lindsey’s parent’s property is gorgeous and I loved getting to meet the family AND the puppies!! Bokeh boy went with us so that we wasn’t home half of the day alone and you should have seen his face when he was introduced to 3 full grown labs all at once! ha!

I loved getting to spend some time with Lindsey and Trey and their April wedding will be here before we know it!!! I can’t wait! Enjoy some of my favorites!


Loved the colors! Lindsey’s sweater POPPED so perfectly in these! 

One of my favorites! Not many people have driveways that are so photogenic!

And then they climbed in the weeds!! So thankful that Trey is the outdoorsy type and was totally fine with clearing a path for Lindsey to get in there!! I’d say it was worth it:)


My favorite!!!

More weeds! Love this! 

You make it look easy Lindsey!!

Gah! This view!! So beautiful! Loved the hazy light! 

Love the clouds reflecting in the water! Perfect way to end! 

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