• A Story of Loss and Hope

In just a little over a week, it’s hard to believe, but it will have been 6 months since James’ birthday. Life while pregnant with James was extremely slow. Everyday seemed like a week and every week seemed like a month. After he was born, life seemed to pick up speed. Work began again and we filled our days off with fun trips and adventures. The grief, sadness and reality of what we lived through really set in for me in July and August. However, in the midst of pain, there was so much joy. If there is anything I have learned over these last few months, it is that joy and pain can exist simultaneously and I’m thankful for that!

When we look back at pictures and remember our time with baby James, I feel both joy and sadness. I’m thankful that we saved so much of that season but I’m so sad that he isn’t here. I cherish those images and I’m so grateful that we took so many. However, we also tried to save as much of him as we could through video as well.

Our good friend Tyler Herrinton has been filming business projects and personal projects for us for years… but the project that we have been working on recently is by far the most important video of our entire life. We filmed our life with James while he was still alive inside of me. Ty and Ash came to the hospital the day he was born and filmed our families getting to meet him. Tyler filmed James’ entire memorial service and recently, Tyler came over and we filmed his story from beginning to end. We’re in the process of creating an entire documentary style video sharing his story and today we wanted to show you a preview. We’re so excited to finish this project and have a beautiful video that shares everything about James’ life. Enjoy this preview of all that’s to come! :)

xoxo, Katelyn
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