Mike + Caroline | Engaged

  • A Meridian Hill Park Engagement Session

Do you want to know why KJ Couples are literally the most awesome engaged couples on the planet? This story will tell explain why. So imagine you’re shooting and it’s literally perfect!! The light was perfect. Their outfits were perfect. The colors. The puppy. The location. It was all PERFECT!! We started at Meridian Hill Park in Washington, DC and I have been wanting to photograph a beautiful couple there for quite some time and so I told Mike and Caroline that they were literally making MY dreams come true!! :) Here comes the crazy part…

As we left the park and I was doing some ring shots on some fall leaves, I realized… “Hmm… the sun is setting kind of quickly. We need to speed it up a bit!”. And then…. THEN Michael realized what was happening. The time changed. THE TIME CHANGED! THAT MORNING! AH!! Both Caroline and I had forgotten about the time change and so I immediately called her as we made our way to the second location to share our recent discovery and she was so incredibly calm. She was calm because 1. KJ Brides are awesome and 2. This just meant that we get to hangout AGAIN!! Mike and Caroline are such an amazing couple with sweet personalities and genuine love. Being a part of their wedding day is going to be such a highlight of our year next year and we can not WAIT!!!

These two killed it during the first half of their shoot and so you’re going to see my FAVORITES from Meridian Park! AND, because the Canon 5D MarkIII has some pretty incredibly ISO capabilities, you’re going to see my FIRST shots in Georgetown that were illuminated by window displays!! I’m not trying to brag… but I think they’re pretty good! They’re more dramatic and romantic than my normal bright and airy look! Enjoy and get excited to meet another one of our amazing 2016 couples!!!

Oh gosh isn’t this place gorgeous?!

Look at DEX! What a CUTIE!

Love this sweet shot!

Oh how I love this!

You guys! You’re pros!!

Caroline you’re gorgeous!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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