Gino + Jen

A Fall Wedding at the Historic Mill at Fine Creek

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A wintery boston wedding

w/ inside, dark ceremony


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I met Jen and Gino at 6:45am for their engagement session. Anyone who is fun to be around at 6:45am is just incredible! I loved them from that moment! They both have such a genuine, easy-going way about them that makes them so easy to love and get to know. It makes sense that they would also have amazing friends. One of my favorite moments during their day was in the morning when the girls were getting ready. We did something different at the Mill this time; because there is only one window in the bridal suite, we decided to take some getting ready shots outside!

As we stood on the back deck with all of the bridesmaids, Jen was getting her jewelry on and the bridesmaids were anxious to give her their surprise. They had written letters to her with the sweetest gift and I know it meant the world to Jen because she didn’t even try to hold back her tears. She was literally encircled by the women in her life who love her the most and it was the sweetest moment. It was the kind of moment that made me want to text the women who love me like that in my own life! It’s such an honor to capture wedding days like this!!!

Jen and Gino shared a first look and soon after that first moment Jen gave Gino a surprise gift. I honestly don’t know exactly what she gave him… but I know that it was so incredibly meaningful! She handed him an iPhone and told him to put the headphones in. He started listening and it was only a few seconds before the tears started. Evidently Jen recorded herself singing something that meant the world to him and it wrecked him. The tears were flowing and the emotions were so raw and genuine. Those are the moments that get me. Their entire wedding was just dreamy! I’m so happy with all of the portraits we were able to capture and I can’t wait to show you!!

And what’s better than getting to photograph an incredible couple at one of our favorite venues?! Getting to work with one of our favorite vendors! Mike and Shaina are dear friends of ours and we hadn’t seen them in forever! It was so fun to spend the day alongside of them and capture Jen and Gino’s perfect day! Enjoy some of my favorites!!

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fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3333 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3334 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3335 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3336fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3344 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3337 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3338 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3339 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3340 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3341 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3342 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3345 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3346 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3348 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3349 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3350 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3351 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3352 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3353 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3354 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3355 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3356 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3357 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3358 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3359 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3360 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3361fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3363 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3362 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3365 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3366fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3364 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3367 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3368fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3370 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3369 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3371 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3372 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3373 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3374 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3375 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3376 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3377 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3378 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3380 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3381 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3382 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3383 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3384fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3386 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3385 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3387 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3388 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3389 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3390 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3391 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3392 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3393 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3394 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3395 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3396 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3397 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3398 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3399 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3400 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3401 fall-virginia-historic-mill-at-fine-creek-wedding_3402

Venue, Coordinator, Catering | The Mill at Fine Creek

Dress Designer | Matthew Christopher

Dress Store | Designer Loft NYC

Florist | Photosynthesis Floral Design

Hair + Makeup | Hello Darling Beauty

DJ | Debonaire Entertainment

Cinematography | Shaina Koren

Cake | Pierre Michel’s Wedding Cakes

Bridesmaid Dresses | Azazie

Invitations | Minted

Favors | Candle With a Cause

Popsicles | King of Pops 

Rentals | Paisley and Jade

Quartet | String of Pearls

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A Cranberry Mill at Fine Creek Wedding by Katelyn James Photography

Thanks for reading!

— Katelyn

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