It’s here!! Michael and I pulled a late nighter last night to get this up and running for our newsletter friends so that they could have first dibs and we are so excited about the response!! This new product in the store is something that we’ve been wanting to create since we opened The Collection back in July! Pricing is the #1 topic in our coaching sessions. If my office walls could speak, they would have been saying “Just make a pricing ebook already, Katelyn!”. There is so much to share and I realized that if some photographers never have a chance to come to a coaching session down the road, they would never get to hear this content and learn from us!  

Talking about pricing in depth isn’t something that I’ll openly be sharing on the blog for everyone (including my brides) to read.  The amount of content that is packed into the new “KJ Pricing Kit” would bore anyone who isn’t running a small business but could be a huge life-changing for a business owner who has always struggled with their pricing approach and presentation!! So there is so much to share but first, I wanted to let you watch this video blog where I’m sharing 3 WAYS TO MAKE PRICING LESS AWKWARD!!

We are THRILLED to be sharing not only our pricing content but our entire TEMPLATE for our pricing as well! There is no excuse for ugly, unprofessional pricing guides anymore! If you’re running a professional business, your pricing presentation to potential clients HAS to be legit! …. and the KJ Pricing Kit can make this possible! The BEST part about the kit is that not only are we sharing our pricing template, we’re also sharing our new “What You’re Worth” pricing ebook!!! This 30+ page book is packed full of everything we believe and teach about pricing at both workshops and coaching sessions! You can find out more about the contents HERE!


If you’re a photographer and you found this helpful, we want to know about it! The more feedback the better. Our goal is to continue to create content and resources that will help you grow your business and we need to hear from you in order to do that really well!! Thanks friends!

Ps. HUGE thanks to Tyler Herrinton for helping us with this!!!!! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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