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  • The 2012 Recap

a YEAR!! 2012 has been quite a busy year for us and after loading all of these snippets from this year’s weddings, I’m blown AWAY at the amazing people that have come into my life. This job is like no other. I LOVE photography and having the opportunity to be creative (and getting PAID for it!) …. but the relationships that I form with my clients are truly the icing on the cake. I’m sure every photographer feels this way… but I really think I have the most amazing couples on the planet! All of these snapshots from my 2012 weddings bring back such fun memories and I feel so honored that I was a part of all of these celebrations!!

In 2012, I shot 36 weddings. 6 of those weddings were out of state and one was technically “out of the country”. The Virgin Islands seem like another world but technically we were still on US territory!  Only 7 of the 35 weddings were shot in or around the Richmond area. (Hence the reason why we have almost 40,000 miles on our brand new car). 32 out of the 36 couples opted for a FIRST LOOK!  That’s a HUGE percentage!! 32 out of the 36 couples also had an engagement shoot done before their big day!  15 of the 36 weddings were shot in a church and 10 of the 36 weddings had outdoor receptions (tents/open venues). Almost all of these weddings were booked close to a year in advance… with the exception of 2 that were booked only a few months in advance! So enough with the statistics!! Here are some wedding snippets from all of my 36 2012 weddings!!!! To all of the KJ brides and grooms, I LOVE YOU!! Thank you for believing in me and my work!! I can’t thank you enough!!! Merry Christmas to you all!!

David + Courtney

Chris + Christine

John + Molly

TJ + Meredith

Josh + Mandy

Hunter + Becca

James + Amelia

Preston + Katie

Matt + Clare

Brian + Kristen

Clint + Cary

 Ken + Jessica

Brandon + Lisa

Joe + Kathleen

Patrick + Emilie


Ryan + Shannon


Matt + Sara

Austin + Kristy

Austen + Brittnie

Adam + Lauren

Drew + Carter


Coleman + Leslie

Tyler + Liz


Dustin + Brittani

Trey + Kiersten

Dave + Sara

Jason + Shannon


Brian + Whitney


Garrett + Rachel

Jameson + Lauren


Beau + Jourdan

Derek + Amy

Michael + Laura

Matt + Callie

Corey + Melissa

Joe + Melissa


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