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… that’s what my thermometer said inside my car as I pulled up to meet Lilian and Eddie. I was experiencing that tug-of-war feeling… I was so excited to see them and go give them a huge hug but man, I was dreading getting out of the car. It was HOTTTT! Four T’s doesn’t even describe how hott it was! But Eddie and Lilian are hard core. They didn’t quit and we didn’t cut their session short at all! We hit a ton of locations that Lilian had picked out and wow, did we find some neat spots! After half of the session was over, we were walking to the next spot, just talking, and we found a sketchy old garage! JACK POT!

Lilian is awesome and thinks the same way I do. The older, grungier, dirtier.. the better! However, even though we found this awesome little spot, it was definitely private property and we found ourselves whispering to each other, trying not to be heard.  I always say, it’s better to ask forgiveness than permission when it comes to photography because once you have even one shot… it’s worth it!


Eddie and Lilian, I had a blast with you guys! Sweat and all! Your November wedding is going to be absolutely perfect and I can’t wait to celebrate with you!! Enjoy some of my favorites!

Loving your model face girl!

So cute!

Want to know a secret?…. this was in a median… like in the middle of the road! …. and it’s one of my favorites!

Oh hello open, exposed roof! How awesome was that light?!


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