1 Down, Many to Go!

  • 1 Down, Many to Go!

Well yesterday was a special day! Exactly ONE year ago, I joined my good friend Jessie Smith and shot my very first wedding! EVER! I was so excited/nervous.  I had NO IDEA what to expect so I followed Jessie around and gave the impression that I knew what was going on! I really owe so much to that girl! She gets all the blame for getting me into this! haha and I’m so thankful for it.  There is no way I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for her help and advice.  She has done nothing but show excitement for me since day one.   I’m so thankful to have her as a fellow photographer but more importantly, my friend.  I mean, anyone who will put up with me for 4 days in Vegas deserves a pat on the back! haha Please show her some thanks by checking out her fabulous blog!

Here’s a quick shot from my very first wedding! (Notice I said VERY first, no experience… don’t judge!)

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