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So Amanda Hedgepeth and I have been texting this week because GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE!!! She just shared her first video blog this week and we had scheduled to bring out video blogs BACK this week!!! She’s just adorable so you have go watch! We laughed about our timing of it all. I’m so thankful to have such sweet friends in this industry that are such cheerleaders and not competitors!!! Amanda is such a dear friend, amazing peer in the industry, past KJ BRIDE!

So be sure to pay Amanda a visit! And you may be wondering….. “Why has it been SO long since you did a video blog, Katelyn?” … Welp! I haven’t done video blogging because I wanted it to be perfect and wonderfully scripted and really organized… and ya know what?! That’s just not reality!! The reality is, if I let go of my need for perfection, I could get a lot more accomplished!

So, I “LET IT GO” and I’m doing more video blogging because I can share more of me AND help more people in a shorter amount of time… that’s working smarter instead of harder! :) So enjoy! This post is about addressing the DREADED question that we get asked so often…. how do you tell a client that you’re not the right fit? ….

Ps. If you want to see my ANCIENT video blog about “shooting details”, you can view it HERE! … Bokeh was a bad boy in this video! :) He is more well behaved now!

Pps. Tyler Herrinton is the…. Such a talented videographer and great friend! Thankful for his constant help!!!

If you found this helpful, you may also really like our new KJ LIVE video in The Collection!!!! VIEW IT HERE!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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