The Re-Editing Epidemic

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Tell me if this sounds like you… You come home from a shoot or a wedding. You cull it and edit it and then you blog the images. You’re feeling ON TOP OF THE WORLD and then it happens….. you step away from the computer and then you come back to your screen with fresh eyes and you see it. Your skin tones are BLUE, GREY & all OVER the place! It’s the most frustrating thing… EVER! You feel like you’re accomplishing SO much and then you have to re-edit your images AGAIN because you don’t want your clients to look like they have poor circulation!!

This used to happen to me ALL of the time! I would be working my butt off only to realize that my skin tones were off. The issue is, most of us don’t realize our skin tones are off until AFTER we have blogged them, instagrammed them or shared them on Facebook! I don’t know why it always seems to happen that way. Well, years and years ago, I got so tired of this happening to me that I started studying the way I was editing and I was determined to STOP LOSING PRECIOUS TIME OVER SKIN TONES!

The truth is, when you re-edit something, you’re doing DOUBLE the work. The problem with that is that you’re not getting PAID for DOUBLE THE WORK. Every single time you re-edit an image, you’re losing money and you’re doubling your workload. I knew I wasn’t the only who we struggled with this. It’s an epidemic that photographers don’t want to talk about because it’s embarrassing and annoying!

So, we have a solution for you! Instead of struggling to master skin tones and losing precious office time to re-editing…. let me teach you my secret to consistent skin tones!!! I’ll be hosting a FREE online class this week where I’ll be sharing my SECRET to editing skin tones AND some amazing WORKFLOW tips as well! You have to join us!! I mean, it’s FREE! Why wouldn’t you?!


xoxo, Katelyn
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