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You may be thinking, "Wait? Didn't you just launch a Youtube Channel?!" and the answer is, "Yes!". This intro episode is where I explain the purpose behind launching a podcast and why we are excited to share a certain type of content here and a different type of content on Youtube! After three months of creating Youtube content, I have realized something about myself....I have a passion for sharing about what we're learning in our marriage, how we're growing as parents, how we survived losing a child and so much more. These conversations are all about the legacy that we are constantly building in our lives and I'm thrilled to have a space to share this part of our story!

Welcome to the Legacy Podcast 
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During this season of COVID-19, we are spending more time at home with our significant others than ever before. This can cause tension in relationships and make us aware of hidden issues that have been lingering under the surface for years but now have time and space to surface since we have so much down time. In this episode, I’m having a conversation with my husband Michael, my sister, Emily and my brother-in-law, Joe about how we’re choosing to thrive instead of just survive in our relationships during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Thriving in relationships during COVID-19


This episode talks about tension between wanting to get out of something that is HARD as fast as possible and staying in it long enough to find purpose and healing. God doesn’t waste hard seasons but we can miss whole chapters of our story by trying to avoid the hard parts and numb ourselves from the pain. I’m sharing how I have experienced the power of staying in the pain instead of running from it. Life change happens when we’re uncomfortable. Many will avoid discomfort their entire lives and sacrifice AMAZING growth because of it. My hope is that this episode will empower people to start looking at their own lives and their own hard seasons (big and small) and start discovering what good thing could be waiting for them in the mess!

Sitting In It | The Power of Pain that Stays


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Last week we announced that my sister Emy and I are both pregnant and due three days apart! We got a lot of questions about the announcement so we decided to record a podcast episode answering all your questions! We share everything from how we told each other the news, how we told Mimi, to how we're navigating appointments TOGETHER due to Covid restrictions and more. 

We're BOTH Pregnant! Pregnancy #4 Questions Answered with My Sister


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Katelyn started her professional photography journey as a Junior in college and was shooting 25+ weddings annually within her second year. After growing her business and gaining recognition in national publications such as Professional Photographers Magazine, The Knot, Southern Living Weddings, Southern Weddings and multiple other online publications such as Style Me Pretty, BRIDES, Inspired by This, Real Simple, etc. She then began teaching and coaching photographers from all over the country and internationally. In 2015 she was named “Top Ten Educators to Watch” by Rangefinder Magazine and has had the honor of speaking at conferences such as WPPI, United, Creative at Heart, Local PPA meetings, The Rising Tide Summit, The Reset Conference, The Pursuit Conference, Making Things Happen, The Connect Retreat, Blink and more!

In 2012 Katelyn was joined by her husband Michael and they are officially a husband/wife team. Since joining forces, Katelyn and Michael average 4-5 weddings annually now while teaching thousands of photographers through their online courses. They are parents to their daughter, Everly, sons, Graham and Rhett, and have a sweet baby boy in heaven. They are passionate about traveling, home design, & spending time dreaming and brainstorming with their closest friends!!

MEET Katelyn

A lot of “About Me” pages or bios share how they wanted to be a _________ since they were young. That’s not Katelyn's story. She had no idea that she wanted to be a photographer until she became one. She didn’t dream of this career her entire life or write it in her elementary “career journal."



 We talk all about purposely slowing down and recognizing the need for different seasons in our lives and in our businesses, and how this relates to marriage, parenting and entrepreneurship.


For the longest time I was really afraid of becoming a mom. I thought that I should have these longings to be a mother or I really should want to have a baby, but I never did.






Anyone who is married will tell you that marriage itself is already challenging enough, in this episode we unpack how to foster an amazing marriage while running a business together! 


Katelyn shares some of her greatest life lessons learned during the last couple of years and her encouragement to other women. Her encouragement to you, whether you’re living in tragic circumstances or not.

I'm Going to Love You Even Though I Don't Get to Keep You

Planning for the Unexpected

How I Would Market a Business in 2018

Under the Influencer

Katelyn shares the story of her son James and the reality of carrying a baby with a terminal diagnosis. Her wisdom and encouragement for women walking through a similar reality is freeing and incredibly helpful, I hope it blesses you today.

ON the "Be there in FIVE" PODCAST

This is truly a special episode with an incredible woman; you will marvel at her honesty, openness, and insight, and understand within minutes why Kate has been a KJ super-fan for the better part of a decade.

Katelyn James and I have a heartfelt conversation about adjusting and planning for times of transition, dealing with sticky client situations, and her financial philosophy for both business and personal life.

How Katelyn would market a business if she was starting one today. How she built her business, why she started blogging  the importance of networking, mistakes she sees businesses make today, and her approach to marketing.

ON "So here's the thing" PODCAST

Being An Innovator In An Industry Of Imitation

In this episode, Katelyn James joins us to discuss how doing what everyone else in the industry is doing doesn’t always lead to success. Listen in as she shares how she believes you can avoid imitation by being an innovator in our industry.

ON "Mere Christians" PODCAST

Why and how to boast in pain professionally and personally

What the tragic death of her son taught her about life and work, how to resolve conflicts at work in a Christ-honoring way, and how refusing to listen to the Holy Spirit has cost her tens of thousands of dollars.


Being An Innovator In An Industry Of Imitation

We talk about Katelyn's humble beginnings as a college student with a small business to becoming a millionaire who has stewarded her gifts to grow and support her extended family doing work she loves. We talk about marriage, motherhood, business, grief and loss, personal and spiritual growth and her belief that EVERYONE "should have a coach". 

ON "passion with purpose" PODCAST

Building a decade-long personal brand

Katelyn—a wife, mother, and 7 figure CEO—talks all things Personal Branding, how to build a career that lasts she’s been in the biz for over a decade as a wedding photographer, coach and online educator.


a multi-seven-figure business as a photographer and educator?

Katelyn James is a trailblazer and a trendsetter who has built a business that generates over $250,000 every single month. In this conversation, we pull back the curtain and talk about what it truly takes to make that sort of revenue, including the things no one talks about.

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The way she teaches makes so much sense and I’m so grateful for her! My business will be forever changed!"

- Renee Nicolo

"KJ education has been life-changing

 It has elevated my work so I could quit my day job and work from home with our baby boy!"

- joanna k.


and none compare to what I get from KJ!"