• Couples Retreat 2014

college I learned a lot of great things. I still remember some of my “Communication Theories” and a few of my many presentations from my four years at CNU. However, the most memorable and life changing thing I learned during my college years was the value of beautiful friendships. The friends that Michael and I made during our time at Christopher Newport University are friends that we plan on spending a lifetime with. They’re uplifting, life giving and we always leave our time with them feeling refreshed and joyful. You can’t find friends like that everywhere.

We realize that we’re blessed by our college friendships and we cherish our time with these amazing couples.  Last year we started a new tradition called “Couples Retreat”. A large portion of our friend group was married and we thought it was time to start getting together every year for a long weekend! Last year we did a ski trip and stayed in the mountains. This year we stayed at Big Spring Farm which is Buddy and Jill’s new place in Lexington, VA! AH-MAZING. It was perfect. We all met on Friday, cooked dinner together and then spent the whole weekend sitting by the fire, catching up and taking in the beautiful mountain views from their house. Right now, Michael and I are still in the mountains having a “work day” from the farm because we just love it so much. There is nothing better than working from a laptop next to a fire and being able to view the mountains and water outside!! We may have to start having “Work Retreats” every month. :)

As we were hanging out outside watching the guys shoot skeet, someone mentioned that I had photographed EVERY couple’s wedding in the group! We laughed and said this was really a “KJ Couple” reunion because technically, it was! So I thought it would be fun to link to all of these past weddings! :) What sweet memories we have with all of our friends on their wedding days!! So enjoy a little peak of our weekend together… we are so thankful for these amazing people in our lives and we can’t wait for Couple’s Retreat 2015! Nathan and Evelyn we missed you so much!

First breakfast! 

Michael and Nate!! Remember Nate and Catherine’s gorgeous vineyard wedding?! 

Love Jill’s style! The house is really starting to look and feel like THEM!

Our wonderful hosts on the left:)

Lots of laughs….

LOVE these!!!

Time to go play in the snow! 

Bahahha! Test shot! 

And of course you can’t forget Josh and Mandy’s wedding!!! 

Awwww remember Ali and Manny’s gorgeous wedding day?! 

Remember our wedding?! :) haha

And Bev and Craig’s wedding?!!! Gray and Gold anyone?! Love it so much! One of my favs!

And Buddy and Jill?! They had the epic farm wedding 3 years ago! 

Country life initiation. :) 

I grew up in the country and have a sister who loved to hunt and yet I had never shot a gun until this weekend! I’m somewhat embarrassed by that! 

And THEN the party really got started with Eliza showed up!! :) Adam and Kelley brought their little bundle of energy and entertainment for us to hangout with! We LOVE her!!! So precious! 

Look at her “smise” on the right! haha!

And while we were taking baby portraits, the boys were trying to hunt down a pesky beaver.

Such a cutie!

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