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Williamsburg is known for it’s history. Colonial buildings, historic tours, great food… it’s all there. People come from all over the world to visit this historic area and walk the streets of merchant square. As much as Williamsburg is a great tourist location, it’s also a beautiful location to get married!! Joe and Kathleen decided a year ago to be married at the Williamsburg Lodge and it was a perfect pick for them! The lodge is tucked away on one of the side streets of Williamsburg and it’s surrounded by gardens and historic homes. It’s a wonderful location… but the best part is that the lodge is WELL air conditioned!! Yup, it was another hot one! The temperature in the dash of my car read 103 when we arrived

at 11:30am and I immediately started chugging water! Joe and Kathleen really wanted an outdoor wedding and I don’t blame them. So we stuck with the original plan to have the ceremony outdoors and a little sweat never hurt anybody. It was a beautiful ceremony and even after being in that heat, Kathleen and Joe were game for MORE portraits. Seriously, where do I find these awesome people?! I was so impressed. I LOVE photography but if it was my  wedding day, I’m not sure that I would have even been that committed! They just kept saying “It’s one day and this only happens once”. So true. I’m truly honored that I was the one that was walking the streets of Williamsburg with them on their wedding day because I know that most couples would have just opted out of extra portraits.


After the ceremony, the party began and let me tell you… it was a PARTY. I don’t know that I have ever seen a 6 hour reception actually last 6 hours! That’s impressive! Of course it helped that Chanello’s delievered cheesy bread at 11 pm. That will always keep the party going a little longer! Such a great idea! Kathleen thought of everything. From the napkins to the custom cake, this was one picture perfect wedding day!


It was a wonderful day and he heat couldn’t stop this amazing couple from celebrating!!  I’m so thankful for the images we were able to capture and I can’t wait to share! Enjoy my favorites and to Joe and Kathleen… I hope you have an amazing honeymoon!! Congratulations!!

Michael… I’m pretty sure I need a pair of these teal Jacks!

Kathleen is all about the monograms! Love it!

A new favorite ring shot? Quite possibly!

Thanks Jill for hanging out with the guys!

Every girl was given her own hanger and a pair of Jack Rodgers… oh my gahhh! That’s amazing Kathleen!

First Look…

One good looking couple!!

So gorgeous!

Such good sports! It’s not fun touching foreheads in 103 degrees! But it was worth it!

Such a fun group of girls!!

Please notice the ring bearer… such a cutie!!


I love having a second shooter so that I can follow the B&G and catch the congratulatory hugs and kisses!


A favorite!!

beautiful couple!

Loved their wine theme!!

Each table had it’s own wine bottle with a story attached!

HUGE kudos to Big Top Entertainment! David did the lights for OUR wedding and he worked his magic again! Seriously, professional lighting transforms a ballroom!!!!

Love this cake!

The father daughter routine was a surprise for all!!



Ceremony & Reception | Williamsburg Lodge
Lighting | Big Top Entertainment
Coordinator | 
Dress | Bella Rosa, Richmond, Virginia
Florals |  The Flower Cupboard
 Makeup | Faces by Joy
DJ | Music Makes You Happy DJ
Videographer | Jill Rose
Invitations | Anne Carlyle Lindsay 
Favors | Donation to Pancreatic Cancer Society in memory of Joe’s mom, Donna Mazzitti.
xoxo, Katelyn
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