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There are so many things to keep straight on a camera! If you are just starting out and trying to learn how to shoot manually, I feel for ya’! I really do. It’s hard and I definitely haven’t mastered everything yet. I’m still learning with EVERY shoot I do.  It’s a rare occasion for me to come home from a wedding and not have a new tidbit of knowledge. Photography is something that I will never master, but that makes it exciting! It will never get old! So a lot of emails have come in about White Balance (WB). Ohhh that dreaded white balance. If you’re like me when I first started out, the WB was the first thing I forgot. I was more concerned about shutter speed and aperture than anything else!

White balance was something I thought I could just “fix later”. Well the more I do this, the more I realize that with digital photography, that is a VERY common excuse. Instead of really trying to figure out the camera, photographer’s say, “Oh I’ll just fix that later”.  When I first started, I used that line ALL THE TIME! I’m soooo thankful that I read other photographers blogs who encouraged me to keep learning!


So I want to encourage YOU to keep learning! Understanding WB isn’t a piece of cake but with a few minor fixes, you could see a dramatic difference! I actually shoot most of my outdoor shots on automatic (GASP!). Yes, automatic. Now if it is a reallly cloudy day, I will adjust it but the really important time to adjust WB is when you are shooting indoors. I never trust my automatic WB inside. I always adjust for either Tungsten or Fluorescent lighting.  This will dramatically help the “orangey” tones that come from shooting indoors. Try it! Practice it! and see what happens! I hope this helped a little bit!


** A quick tip! If you are indoors but don’t have a significant amount of artificial light, then keep your WB setting for natural light. In this picture below, my WB was still set on Automatic because the main source of light was purely natural light from the window! And this shot above is straight out of the camera (SOOC) so don’t judge this one!  **

xoxo, Katelyn
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