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things about my wedding day that I wouldn’t change AT ALL…. I wouldn’t even touch them!  It was perfect… the beginning, the middle, the end.. I loved it ALL. 10.10.10 was undoubtably the best day of our life!  It’s really kinda unexplainable how awesome it was!  I remember such VIVID moments about that day. Like lining up with our bridal party before our big entrance into the reception! People were EVERYWHERE, the candy bar was already half eaten, guests were in my mom’s sunroom waving at us before we walked through the flower covered arbor and everyone was trying to take pictures of their own to capture the moment.

Then there were moments with my bridesmaids that I will never forget. We squealed when my  dress went on and teared up when daddy walked in to see me.  I remember sitting in the parlor right before the ceremony and hearing the 400 guests chattering on the other side of the door while piano music played in the background. I remember smiling at Daddy and squeezing his arm as we waited on the back porch of the church before walking down the aisle. Gosh there are so many moments that I wish I could just re-watch over and over!  It was such a beautiful, happy day…. so full of Joy!!! And this brings me to my point for this Wedding Wednesday…. VIDEO is VALUABLE.  As a photographer, I almost feel bad about promoting videography because so many brides decide to invest in one or the other…. and obviously I want them to invest in PHOTOGRAPHY! …. However, as a BRIDE…. I want to inform other brides about the one regret of my wedding day.


We were over budget…. I bought a few too many birdcages and the floral budget was more than expected… so we decided that videography could be cut.  I was going to have a fabulous photographer so why did I need VIDEO TOO?! Well, friends, images are BEAUTIFUL… and they allow you to relive moments of your day… but VIDEO makes your memories come to LIFE!  I asked a close friend to take video clips of our wedding day and I’m SO thankful for all that she did! Those quick shots are PRICELESS and I find myself re-watching them and studying them just to try to remember more about that glorious day!!! It’s really pathetic! …. But I just love it.  It took me a YEAR to get those random clips together and while I love our homemade wedding video… I couldn’t help but wonder….. WHY DIDN’T I HIRE JOSH GOODEN?!!!  I want to KICK MYSELF every time! Why didn’t I just take that money out of savings and WAIT on the new car or the Pottery Barn desk in my office?!  WHY KATELYN? WHY?!  If you’re new to the industry, let me introduce you to this modern style of cinematography that makes wedding days look like featured films! I cry at them all! And I don’t even know these people!!


So here’s the bottom line, I think videography can be such an AMAZING part of your wedding day!  I realize it’s ANOTHER expense… but if I had to do over again, I would have cut out a few hydrangeas and birdcages and hired  a videographer to capture our day!  For me personally, I LOVE this style… check out these amazing artists! (ps. some of these are totally NOT in my price range…. but I LOVE watching their work!! Enjoy! )








xoxo, Katelyn
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