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I wish I could answer that question in one sentence but there are so many things that come into play when it comes to getting stuff DONE! I think the MAIN tips I have would be to 1. Make time and SCHEDULE time to get big chunks of work done. 2. Be realistic about all that you have to do and when you’re going to get it done. and 3. Have a GREAT system that works for YOU! Don’t download the world’s best “To-do” app if you’re a “pen and paper” kind of gal! I probably spent $50 over the years trying to make those Apps work for me but I quickly learned that those couldn’t be a part of my system! And that’s ok :) So in July 2012,

I blogged about my “Monthly Duty Day” concept. This is how I make sure monthly things don’t slip through the cracks! I quickly mentioned on there that I like to have ONE MASSIVE to-do list and then I pull items from it each day and write them on a sticky post it on top of the list. I call it, “The Big List”. It’s genius… but I’m pretty sure Jasmine or someone else inspired this… it pretty sure this wasn’t my original idea! Whoever it was, thank you!

So anyway, I love this system because it tracks ALL that I’m accomplishing and after each day, I can take my completed “to-do” items from my post it and mark them off on the massive list! This way the BIG list isn’t intimidating! If you have trouble with priorities, I would recommend having a “must get done today” list on your daily post-it and then a “If there’s time” list on your daily post it. :) It sounds so elementary but it works!

So the reason for the new post is that I have found my DREAM product when it comes to to-do list organization! It’s a clipboard/notepad combo that’s TEAL with gold foil polka dots. (From Target!) HEAVEN! I love it!!!! Before, I tried to list out my shoots that were  “In the works” on my Big List but that was confusing. So after seeing my friend Jill’s workflow spreadsheet displayed on a clip board, I quickly adopted that idea! So my post processing production list stays clipped to the outside of my folder and my BIG LIST stays on the inside! I’m in love. I use to have a post processing production chart on my wall but I learned over the years that I just liked it because it was pretty… but it wasn’t practical for me. So everything is on paper now. (Our “client production list” is on a google doc spreadsheet. There’s a difference between charting the WHOLE client experience and the post processing of each shoot). Now I’m tracking the post-processing of each shoot on my clipboard and my steps are as follows:

Import to laptop , cull , LR Edit blog images , blog shoot , edit full shoot , PASS (and then some wedding related to-do items at the end). The reason I edit just blog images first is because blogging DRIVES EVERY PART OF MY BUSINESS! Oh there is so much I could share on that topic but I’ll just have to save that for another day!!

So if you’re not getting stuff DONE… you need to find your own system! Or try mine! It may work for you!!! Thanks to Jill for my spreadsheet inspiration!!!! She gets all the credit for this change!!

See that “Wedding” column… yep, my sister is getting married and so wedding prep deserves it’s own column at this point! :)
xoxo, Katelyn
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