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you thought we were DONE we all the “Time Savers” posts! Nope! I still have a few more I’d love to share. I find out about new programs and tricks through my own research AND through other photographers that SHARE what is working for them. Let me be clear…. this works for ME…. it may not work for you! There are SO many different options for EVERYTHING when it comes to the photography industry! You really have to give things a try for yourself and figure out what works for you. I spent SO much time trying to make OTHER PEOPLE’S systems WORK for my business and that’s just not smart. You have

to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.   For me, I enjoy album design. My background is in Graphic Design and so layouts are exciting to me! (For those of you out there that DEPISE album design, you’re probably gagging right now!).  It’s true, I enjoy this. Now, I don’t love making a million little changes but I realize that is just part of the process. However, the PROCESS doesn’t have to be MISERABLE! For two years I was trying to do albums in PHOTOSHOP and handle emails with client’s changes! ….because that’s what everyone else did (or so I thought). There are SO many more options! I’ve tried several and I have found that for right now…. PHOTOJUNCTION is where it’s at!  I can design an album and then send it to clients to be proofed through ALBUM EXPOSURE in less than 45 minutes! Now I have to work my butt off in those 45 minutes but it’s possible.  Photojunction allows me to import images quickly, design with the options of Templates, and export the files. Album Exposure allows me to create a quick account for my clients, upload the files and send an automatic email to clients for proofing. Clients then get to proof each spread by leaving comments and I am notified.  This sounds like it should have been a simple process to figure out… but it took me forever…. because I didn’t TRY new things! Photoshop worked… so why fix what isn’t broken, right?! I HATE that phrase! That’s the phrase people use when they don’t want to be pushed out of their comfort zones.  I’m so glad I decided to spend $200 and invest in two programs that are literally saving me HOURS of work!


Here’s a screenshot of the Photojunction interface so that you can see the layout of it:


Some things I LOVE about Photojunction:
– Once you use images, they are hidden from your gallery so that you don’t use a duplicate
– Templates are EASY to use and adjustable!
– There are export options. You can export as JPEGS or PSD’s with layers if you want to tweak in PS.
– You are notified when your spacing isn’t lined up perfectly. When aligning images, there is a “Snap to” type feature that makes my life so much easier!
– You can GROUP images and move them all at once, automatically knowing when they are centered.

What I LOVE about Album Exposure:

– It’s SIMPLE. There aren’t a ton of unnecessary options.
– It’s FAST. The upload and set-up time is minimal
– It allows you to set up an automatic responder to clients when they haven’t viewed or approved their design.
– The proofing area is customizable
– The client gets to view the design LIKE A BOOK. Just showing a client a PDF makes it hard for them to envision what this will look like in real life. When they flip pages during proofing, it’ looks like an actual page turning.
Something else to think about! TEMPLATES FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS is a GREAT resource for those using PHOTOJUCTION and want template help!!


Click here to visit Templates for Photographers.
I hope this was another way to help some of you out there maximize your precious time!!! Happy Monday! And YAY for a snow day in VA!!! woohoo!! 
And Ps. If you’re not loving THIS…. you should checkout SWAT. Swat is a GREAT resource but it just didn’t allow me to design the way I wanted. It may work for you though!
xoxo, Katelyn
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