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I have some smart friends. I’m just going to brag for a second about that! They’re just SMART!!! And I think they make me smarter just being around them! :) One of my smart friends is Jamie Delaine! We started our businesses around the same time and I’ve followed her for years! She recently reached out about sharing a Pinterest Board together to kind of create a home space for educational content!!

As soon as I heard about it, I was on board! What an amazing idea! Collect some of the best educators/bloggers and have them pin to ONE BOARD so that the followers of that board NEVER miss any FREE education?! Yep. That’s smart. I’m telling you… my friends are smart! I love this because I’m finding posts that I NEVER saw because Facebook doesn’t show me anything anymore! So if you enjoy our FREE EDUCATION on our blog but Facebook doesn’t show you all of our links, FOLLOW this collaborative board and NEVER miss a thing!!!!

Click here to follow along! 

Happy reading everyone! I think there are like 80 pins in there already! It’s wild!! I’m so excited to see how many people we can help by utilizing this new board!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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