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You know how we do things. Instead of just saying “Hey! Buy our course!”, we love giving free education and instruction first so that you can decide if what we’ve created is the right fit for you! We would never want our students or customers to purchase or invest in something that isn’t going to transform their business and that’s because we run a VERY lean business ourselves. That means that we ONLY spend money on things that we REALLY need and will push us forward. We believe that we can’t afford to waste our hard earned money on things that aren’t transformative!

So, in order to make sure we give our future students a clear picture of what they could be learning from us and our course, we host a webinar with free training! Well, the exciting news is that the KJ Posing Course is coming back!! SOON!! However, we have a ton of photographers who already know that this course is what they want and need, and they have been patiently waiting for this course to re-open since SEPTEMBER! These photographers are on the KJ POSING COURSE WAITLIST!

Instead of making these photographers wait for the webinar, we want to honor their patience by giving them FIRST ACCESS to the course at the CHEAPEST PRICE!! They are obviously the most dedicated and most excited about learning and growing with this new information, and we can’t wait to have them as students!!

So! If you’re already on the KJ POSING COURSE WAIT LIST, be on the lookout for an email in a week and a half with access and your course discount! Woohoo!

If you’re NOT on the KJ Posing Course WAITLIST, you have a little over a week to JOIN THE LIST before we open registration on March 27th (waitlist only).


Haven’t heard of the KJ Posing Course before?! Well that’s exciting!! We basically took my 8 years of experience making people feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera and created a 6 week course to educate and empower other photographers to do the same! If you can’t make your clients feel comfortable and look incredibly natural, you will lose all of your marketing power!! No one talks or raves about an awkward experience!!

If you’re struggling to maximize portrait time, and create unique and genuine experience for your clients through posing, CLICK HERE to learn more about what the KJ Posing Course is all about! Ps. Don’t put this off if you’re interested because we only open registration to this course twice a year!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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