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create an incredible client experience through

confident & efficient posing





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meet our students & see how they've grown!

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meet CODY


I firmly believe we as photographers have a unique opportunity. Every time someone books us, we have a new chance to use our gifts and abilities to make them feel like themselves in front of our cameras. People remember what they FELT while taking portraits and they apply that FEELING to the images when they see the final product.  This is why it's so important to master your posting experience, not just the final product! 

It’s time to learn to pose with confidence and finally create an experience for your clients that your clients rave about

And that’s no small task, that's why I created this tool to help!


Client's are constantly asking if they look unnatural or weird

On repeat you hear that they just "don't like taking pictures"

Do client's question your ideas and DOUBT YOUR ABILITY? 

You rarely feel like you're TAKEN SERIOUSLY & viewed as a professional during your sessions

you feel defeated as you leave your weddings and shoots

Your clients look and act uncomfortable for the majority of your time together 

stealing joy from you and your clients?


create awkwardness,


great news....it doesn't have to

 & CONSTANTLY produce panic?


It’s time to  have an entire posing workflow in your client experience arsenal ready to go for every shoot or wedding!


Do you struggle transitioning from one pose to the next? And find yourself constantly FREEZING UP?

Is your client's first experience with you AWKWARD, FORCED and LACKING IN CONFIDENCE?

Do you frequently PANIC and resort to the same OVERDONE POSES?

Do your clients feel UNNATURAL in your poses? Do they question your ideas and DOUBT YOUR ABILITY?

Do you realize that your CLIENT EXPERIENCE IS AT STAKE & you're desperate to transform it?

Are you confident and CLEAR in giving posing direction? Even for the problem-grooms that "DON'T LIKE PICTURES"?

Do you feel NERVOUS & UNEASY as you drive to your sessions & weddings?

Do you DOUBT YOURSELF as a professional photographer when you hit a road block in your posing? 

Have you mastered the art of GENTLY COMMANDING AUTHORITY?

If TWO or more resonate...

it's a fit!


"Oh my goodness These modules saved my life!"


"knowing how to correct things that look awkward!"


"Can't wait to start mastering the techniques!"


"I Could tell such an improvement in myself!"


"The posing course has changed everything!"


turned 4 minutes into 200 images!



just imagine

look like.....

Stop worrying about marketing plans, they'll do it for you. 

When you draw a blank or start repeating the same 2-3 poses constantly, you can easily feel like a fraud... feel unprofessional... feel stuck.... and even feel like your clients are questioning if hiring you was a good decision. The KJ Posing Evolution protects you from ever feeling like this ever again! You will show up at your sessions with proven systems that will produce creative and poses with tons of variety! The KJ Posing Evolution is taught in multiple levels so that you can master it step by step! 

Isn't it just the worst when you upload your images and you see a portrait with gorgeous light, tack sharp focus but unfortunately, the pose just looks odd, forced, and unnatural? I used to hate losing potentially great images due to poor posing and missed adjustments. The KJ Posing Course will teach you how to spot problem poses instantly and fix them while not causing your clients to feel insecure! It's so important that you know not only how to fix the poor poses but also how to build up your client's confidence as you correct them!  

stop feeling like a fraud & show up with a system!

What opportunities am I talking about? Opportunities to have great, in-depth conversations with your clients... opportunities to capture work that will actually push you forward.... opportunities to make your clients feel like models and convince them that no other client has been as awesome as them! These are all opportunities for expanding your business that you will surely miss if you are too busy working through the uneasiness you feel while posing. In the KJ Posing Course, I take you through the very specific way that I setup the beginning of my shoots to ensure that I set a strong foundation, ease my nerves and theirs and set us both up for success!

Can you imagine not having to market yourself anymore? Photographers always ask me how we have maintained our annual bookings with such high prices for over 10 years now and my answer? The secret has nothing to do with a marketing plan and everything to do with your client's experience. I have spent more time mastering my posing approach, my explantations, my system and the way I encourage and ensure confidence in clients than I ever did on a marketing plan. Why? Because I know that clients who have the KJ Posing Experience will rave about their love for me on their own. Great posing in the secret to powerful word-of-mouth marketing!  

stop missing great

Immediately spot problem-poses and have solutions while shooting

It's no wonder why so many photographers get anxious before sessions. There are so many things to manage. Your clients comfortability level, finding great light and locations, keeping track of the time, finding their best angles.... it's so much to keep track of. However, what if the stress of "Shoot, what do I tell them to do next?" was taken away and replaced with a system that spurs you on to constant, creative ideas?! Not knowing what should come next is the #1 way to fall into panic mode and redundancy while shooting! Let me help you fix this! 

No more nerves about what
should come next while posing!



embarrassing blanks!"


embarrassing blanks!"

"We had a few standard "go-to" poses that we knew we could always fall back on - which is what we did.  It was frustrating because we felt like we didn't really have control over our posing, and we didn't really know how to fix it. The biggest impact for us was that Katelyn's posing course taught us how to actually understand posing. Instead of thinking about posing in terms of individual poses that we had to remember and recreate, she taught us to understand the principles and the foundation. Once we understood how to use these foundations, it freed us up to see posing as a tool to create what we wanted - and taught us how to do it!"

"we felt like we didn't really have control

-Joel + Amber

over our posing!"

"I felt like there were huge pieces missing in the way I posed my clients. Sometimes, no matter how hard I tried, or how many sessions I photographed, the images I produced didn't look like what I had pictured them to look like in my head. Katelyn's Posing Course changed everything for me. Those missing pieces fell into place almost instantly. After this course, I walked away with tangible ways to achieve the authenticity I longed for in my imagery."

"there were huge pieces missing in the way I

- Anna

posed my clients!"

"Now my clients feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. I even have GROOMS emailing me on their OWN telling me how much they enjoyed the session and that it was so much more fun than they thought it would be. My clients are talking and I have more inquiries than ever before all because of the experience I'm giving my clients.  My business has grown so much that I'm finally able to quit my day job that makes me miserable and pursue my dream of being a full-time wedding photographer. This Posing Course has truly changed my business!"

"I'm finally able to quit my day joB and pursue my dream of being a 

- Joanna

full-time wedding photographer!"

"I did not even second think this investment and neither did my husband! I told him Katelyn had a new course she was offering and he immediately said go for it because he saw the impact the first course had on me! Katelyn again amazed me and gave me direction and confidence I was desperately lacking. When it comes to posing now, I never run out of ideas. I am confident and slower with my words, and my appraisal for them is always genuine because my couples are simply amazing at hearing my now direct and simple instructions. It has been a game changer and I will forever be so thankful!"

"when it comes to posing now, I never

- Kayla

run out of ideas!"

"Before the KJ Posing Course, we felt unprepared to love and serve people well through their photo experience. After the posing course, we are more confident showing up to photoshoots and weddings. We know we can produce quality images and ensure our couples comfort and a great experience! We would encourage anyone who feels inadequate in producing quality images under pressure to take this course. It was a game changer for us!"

"our photoshoots felt clumsy, awkward and

-Lily + Elyse


"Before I even purchased the posing course...honestly, I questioned did I need it. Did I really. I had been producing images that I was happy with - getting, for the most part, true and genuine looks and engagement from my couples. The thing that pushed me over the edge was simply knowing there was always room for improvement. Ohh how true that ended up being. The posing course helped me take my work, my confidence, and the confidence of my clients up about 110 degrees! It was easily one of the best investments I've ever made in my career!!"

"it was easily one of the best investments i've ever

- Elizabeth

made in my career!"

what is that worth to you?

if this course can transform your work, your CONFIDENCE

& create raving clients who market FOR you....

and what is your less than ideal client experience currently costing you?


"Fluff" course, it's the

"This isn't a superficial


REal deal!"

risk free

Nervous to make this big of an investment? I absolutely get it, no worries! That's why I'm offering my 30-day, risk-free happiness policy because if you’re not happy, I’m not happy.
If you dig into all of the content within 30 days of enrolling, read through the workbook, and still feel like there’s no way you can apply this education to your photography business, I’ll buy the course back from you. 

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I'm in, Katelyn! sign me up! 

My No Fluff Policy:

 I've been there. The "Fear of Fluff" is real and can cause hesitation when investing in online education!  This is a fluff-free zone. I am committed to that because I've been burned by that myself in the past. You deserve quality content that changes your life and that is exactly what you will get!

Money back Guarantee

.... but what if it's not a good fit?



in my education!"

- Karin

Yes! However, it will only be made available to a select number of photographers each year. In order to maintain great customer service, we only open enrollment for a limited time period at these discounted prices. 


You will not need to download the video files in order to access them. You will simply be able to log in and view your videos online. However, you will need an adequate internet connection to allow the videos to load so you can watch them! 


YES! The course will be available to you INDEFINITELY!! You will be able to watch and re-watch these videos as much as you want without any time constraints! You will also be able to start and complete the course WHENEVER it fits your schedule.


I have a super tight return policy -- but it’s only because I want to make sure I’m attracting dedicated, serious photographers. I have worked so hard to make this program serve you right where you are, but I certainly understand the fear in buying something you can’t fully experience before purchase--that would give me pause, too! As such, by purchasing, you’re agreeing to my 30-day guarantee: if you complete the entire course (all lessons, bonuses, and workbook) and do all the work within 30 days of enrolling and aren’t satisfied, just show me your work, let me know why it wasn’t a great fit for you via our refund request form and I’m happy to buy the course back from you. 

Do you offer refunds?

Our dedicated KJ Support Team would love to chat with you, and make sure this is the right fit! Email us at katelyn@katelynjames.com with any questions and we'll get back to you asap!

I have more questions, how can I get in touch?

No! All you need is your brain and internet access! :)

DO I NEED any additional software for this course?

Both! We start with the basics and then move into the most advanced posing education we have to offer! I would recommend this course to any level of photographer simply because of the range of information covered!