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We all experience it at some point. Awkward moments during a shoot are normal. I actually tell my couples during their engagement session that if they DON’T feel awkward during the first 20 minutes, I will be shocked! :) It allows them to feel a little uncertain while also knowing that they aren’t weird! However, this “awkward-ness” should end QUICKLY!

After teaching my couples the FOUR CORE POSES from our Posing Evolution Guide, they normally start to get the hang of it rather quickly. I’ve noticed though that even after the first 20 minutes, there is a point in the session where everything changes and their confidence hits a whole new level! Sometimes it’s within the first 20 minutes and sometimes it’s after the outfit change. No matter when this new level of confidence hits, we’re always on a roll afterwards! I call this moment the “BREAKING POINT”!

I think what happens during the “Breaking Point” is that our couple realizes the following things:
1. This isn’t that bad! I’m not even nervous!
2. We’re actually pretty good at this!
3. I can’t believe I’m enjoying this!!

Ha! So many people dread photo shoots because they have the worst expectations. They think it’s going to be awkward, forced and miserable and it doesn’t have to be!

My goal is to make the BREAKING POINT happen as soon as possible! Here are 5 tips to making your couples comfortable as soon as possible!!

1. Start by explaining that they don’t need to be experts! You’ll educate them along the way and you have ZERO expectations!
2. Praise them constantly no matter what! They need to know that they are doing a good job. OVER-PRAISE them! You can never encourage them enough!
3. Find “Their pose” as soon as possible. This is the pose that they mastered the quickest and that looks the best on them!!
4. Recognize their weak areas and subtly avoid them.
5. Be direct and clear in your posing instructions to ensure that they are confident! If you’re rambling and aren’t speaking clearly, this will affect their confidence in you AND in their posing skills!

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Happy Tuesday!

Ps. We have an exciting announcement coming tomorrow! I’ve been working hard on a little something new and I can’t wait to share it with you!

xoxo, Katelyn
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