One Door, Two Dozen Poses

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This isn’t going to be a long post… why you may ask? Well, because it’s very simple to explain… you can do SO MUCH MORE in the locations that you’re shooting in! You really can. The issue isn’t that you need more locations, it’s that you don’t know which pose to do next! This post is one that is hopefully going to inspire you to push yourself and really MAXIMIZE every single location that you’re shooting in!!

Michael and I headed down to Austin for the amazing Blink Conference this past weekend and we absolutely loved our time there! I did a keynote presentation and some mentoring and then I ALSO led a very quick styled shoot! These models were amazing AND they’re actually getting married soon!!! So after I gathered my group of photographers around, I started teaching! The crazy thing is, it was 1:00 pm so the light was harsh meaning that we had to stay in ONE SPOT!!!

Well, we may have been in ONE location… but I shot dozens and dozens of portraits and poses and I’m going to post them today so that you can be inspired next time you’re shooting in a confined space!! :) Enjoy!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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