Our 5th Anniversary

  • Dear Michael...

I’m writing this on the night that would have been my last night as a single lady 5 years ago. 5 years ago we were wrapping up our rehearsal dinner and preparing for the most exciting day of our life. We were getting MARRIED!! 10-10-10 happened and it was absolutely amazing! The ceremony, the party, the friends, the family, the food, the decor. Everything was a dream!! We left our reception and then flew out for our honeymoon a few days later. It was an amazing trip and you planned it all. I just followed you and you made sure we were taken care of. You took me to the other side of the world and we explored Europe together during our first week as a married couple!!

Tonight we’re prepping for a wedding and then we’re boarding yet another plane… for another trip… and you planned it all. Actually, you planned it AND you kept it a surprise. Until one day ago, I didn’t even know where we were going. I still don’t even know where we’re staying. It’s all a surprise. You love surprising me…. it’s one of your favorite things to do and you’re really good at it. You’re good at so many things. When we got married, I had known you my whole life and I had dated you for 8 of my 22 years. I think it would be safe to say that I KNEW you…. however, I have found over the last five years that there is SO much about you that I have come to love even more. For example…

– You make sure I always have my phone cord. :) It’s a simple thing that isn’t a big deal but it shows me that you’re always thinking about me.

– You always take Bokeh Boy out to pee when I’m working so that I don’t have to stop what I’m doing.

– You let me dream. After crazy/busy seasons, it would be very easy for you to say “How about we just stop dreaming up new ideas for a while, OK?” but you never say that. You’re my biggest cheerleader. :)

– You buy me new toothbrushes because I never pay attention to those little things… gross, I know.

– You let me get overwhelmed and then forgive me when I make our life miserable some days.

– You show up in all of the areas where I fail.

– You break down walls with harsh people on wedding days with your smile and great sense of humor.

– You pack my bags when I’m taking too long to blow dry my hair instead of fussing at me for making us late. :)

– You bring me home a diet coke when I’m having a bad day even though you know I’ve said I’m giving them up. Somedays you just need a diet coke and you know which days those are.

– You take care of our house. I couldn’t tell you what day is trash day but you never miss it.

– You don’t let me freak out over the fact that our house hasn’t sold and I’ve learned to trust Jesus more because of the peace you have about the entire situation.

– You’re proud of me.

– You bring balance into our life.

….. Oh I could go on and on. Besides salvation, you’re the GREATEST gift of my life. I love you and I’m so honored to be your wife. I can’t wait to see what our life looks like in another 5 years!!! Happy anniversary!!!

Thank you Jasmine and JD for these precious memories!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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