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best friends, Steph, texted me early one morning and asked “So are you going to The Fix in DC?”. Maybe I was just half asleep or maybe I was just REALLY out of it that day but I seriously thought she was referring to some kind of Rally that included marching the National Mall and “Fixing” something! THAT’S what went through my head initially. I texted back and asked what in the world was she talking about and she responded with “Jstar’s thing!”.  What?! Jstar’s thing?! I immediately checked her blog and saw her big announcement about The Fix. Ohhhhh…. it all made sense now.

The funny thing is that Steph isn’t a photographer… but she was one of my bridesmaids and still follows Jasmine.  In fact, a TON of people that attended my wedding still follow Jasmine. Is it because of her images? Maybe.  Is it because of her amazing ability to write? Probably. Or is it because she’s an infectious person who makes others WANT to be more? Definitely.


Jasmine, JD, Polo and their team set out on an amazing journey across the entire COUNTRY.  The Fix has covered some MAJOR ground in the past two weeks and after speaking in every city, the bus pulls out and they leave 200+ inspired, hopeful, motivated photographers behind. This is an incredible undertaking.  Who says “Hey, I think we should go on tour… help thousands of photographers and create of conversation that helps them work through their struggles in their business.”?…. Jasmine…. Jasmine Star dreams THAT big and I’m so EXCITED, PROUD and INSPIRED by her courage.


Last Thursday The Fix came to DC. I made it up there a little early to help out and before I knew it, it was 5:50 and the masses were arriving. It was such an HONOR to meet so many amazing photographers and reunite with a TON of my previous workshop attendees AND brides!! I loved it!! It was one big, happy, HOT party! (literally, HOT…. the air conditioner was broken.. but that’s a whole other story).  The Fix DC was a success and Jasmine did her Thang (I capitalized that because it was THAT good:).  It was an honor to be a part of this and I’m so thankful that there are people in the industry who CARE about changing it for the better. Jasmine and JD…. what an amazing team you are. THANK YOU for sowing into our industry….the fruits of your labor are going to be echoed in this industry for years and years to come! We love you guys!

It looked like Restoration Hardware had come to LIFE! Loved this!

Preach it!

This shot is for my daddy, my brother and Frank Beale… because they love buses… BIG buses… and this, this is a BIG BUS!

This was 5:30pm

This was 6:30pm

Extra! Extra!

Do you see yourself?!

Love this second image… look how happy those girls are!:)

She’s so cute:)

Let me just say this…Jasmine deals with a lot of different people and personalities.  Some people made her do some funky poses and she just went right along with them!  Out of all the images I shot… this is still, by far, the BEST. ha. Oh Abby! You crack me up!


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