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  • This is a big step for us!!!

This is really crazy for us. In my past 7 years of business I have NEVER said “Oh hey, you want to see how I EDIT and get MY LOOK in my images?! I’ll show you!”. I’ve never said this because my editing style is so personal. It’s something that I’ve worked on for YEARS and to be honest, it’s really the only part of my business that I hold close to me. I don’t broadcast my editing secrets to the internet because it’s what makes me unique and I’ve worked so SO hard to define my own style!

HOWEVER, I’ve recently had a revelation! After years of coaching sessions and seeing SO many photographers transform their workflow and their editing simply by watching and learning how I do it, I realized that if I DID share my editing secrets, it could potentially help THOUSANDS of photographers!!!

So! We’ve taken a BIG leap of faith and we’re hosting an ONLINE EDITING DEMO via WEBINAR on November 10th at 8pm EST!! Ah!!! I’m nervous and excited all at the same time! I’m going to be teaching you one of the MAIN editing secrets that has transformed my images and it has everything to do with SKIN TONES!!!!! If you’re a NEW photographer, oh my gosh this will be so helpful for you!!!! If you’re an experienced photographer, you’re going to enjoy and learn from this as well!!! We can’t wait to hangout with you next week!!!! Signup at the link below!!!


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xoxo, Katelyn
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