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I just spent the last three days in Nashville with sweet friends and GENIUSES! Literally. I felt like such a small fish in that group but that’s an amazing position to be in. One thing that really helped me IMMEDIATELY was this new website tool!! We were analyzing websites and how accurately they push people towards conversions and this tool was a hot topic!

If you haven’t already tried this with your website, you need to!! Do it TODAY!!! This is the most amazing way to figure out if your website is working well! Introducing HEAT MAPS!!!!

I signed up for Sumo a long time ago but I never really used it! haha I mean, it’s FREE to a certain point and so I just signed up but I didn’t try it out… until this past week! Michael set it up and within a few hours, we were tracking WHERE people were clicking all over our site!! It’s so surprising!! A few people clicked on areas that weren’t even clickable and a lot of people click on “WEDDINGS” and “NEXT POSTS” and that’s awesome!

I can’t wait to keep starting new campaigns and testing this stuff out! If there’s anything I learned this week it was that I need to be a better TESTER! I need to pay attention to what is actually happening in my online world and not be naive to things that aren’t working!! So good luck and be sure to TURN UP THE HEAT on your website soon!!! Is this helpful?! Share with a friend!

xoxo, Katelyn
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