February 2012

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think that “Wedding Wednesday’s” don’t exist anymore!! Well, they do, no worries…. but today is the 1st of the month and I’m trying to get better about staying consistent with my monthly to-do’s on the 1st of the month.  I have a “Monthly Duty Day” that I’m sure I’ll blog about sometime. Basically, I have a list of little things that HAVE to be accomplished each month and I choose one day to do them all! So today is the day! It’s also time for this month’s SNAPSHOT post! I just re-read my january post and I have to say that I acomplished almost EVERYTHING in the “Business Goals” section! That’s a HUGE WIN for me!!

I’m still working on my Bridal guide but it’s coming along nicely and I have yet to really get into a “Workout” habit. Pre-Bokeh…. I was doing it everyday…. then we got this little fluffball with a bladder the size of a quarter and he has to go out ALL the TIME! So my 20 minute daily workout got thrown off. But that’s really just an excuse. After I get this blog post up, I’m heading into our youth room where the xbox is setup and Jillian and I are having a DATE.  There, I said it. So I have to do it! Hold me accountable internet!


I’m happy to say that even though this wasn’t true last week… we HAVE been eating in more and was a huge issue for us! I’ve been better about planning meals in advance but the sad reality is that we’re only home together one night out of the WEEK! Crazy right?!  In other news, I did host the first SHARE group this past month for the richmond area and it was so much fun! If you’re a SHOWIT USER and are close to Richmond, feel free to be a part of the group! We had a blast squeezing everyone into our tiny living room for the first global share night! Since we’re talking about last month’s goals, I also managed to get my “Client Production” chart done and I created a craft closet!  I think January was a GOOD MONTH! Here’s to an awesome February!



In Business news….

– Michael and I will be traveling with our sweet friend’s Buddy and Jill to VEGAS in a couple of weeks to attend WPPI and basically just get away for a few days! To be honest…. this sounds so wrong… but I just go to WPPI to see old friends and meet new people. Sure, the seminars are great and I always take a few new things home with me every year but I really travel to WPPI to connect with friends that I’ll only see once a year! And it’s a trip to VEGAS! I’m still trying to convince Michael to go see the Grand Canyon while we’re out there! Has anyone ever done that? I went as a little girl but I would love to go again!!

– I’ll be announcing a workshop for the Spring this WEEK! If you’re interested, you can hear about it first by signing up for my newsletter HERE!

– I’ll be shooting a fabulous wedding in NC in a few weekends and I can’t WAIT!

– I *may* be making a purchase to enhance my same-day slideshows but I need to talk with Michael about this one!! Yes, it would mean making a trip to the Apple store.

– The SHARE Group Meetup is happening TODAY for February!


Our life will hopefully slow down this month…

– Michael is on a bazillion teams/committees at church and so he’s been SUPER busy this month with work AND school! We’re hoping February will slow down some!

– We’re doing a lot of fun stuff with the youth group this month! Like a SKI TRIP and a Superbowl Party this sunday. Not only do we have youth group every week but we also host guys/girls nights on Tuesdays and then I’ve been having the senior girls over for a senior bible study afterwards which I LOVE. I’ve loved getting to have some time with just the oldest girls who are getting ready to leave home and enter the college world!

Bokeh will be getting his LAST set of shots so he’ll be fully vaccinated next week which means we can FINALLY take him on WALKS! The poor guy has only seen our front YARD!! We have to wait until he has his shots before we can take him to walk where other dogs are around. After his shots are effective, our first order of business is taking him to my parent’s house to meet LUCKY!  That should be interesting!


Some things I’m thankful for….

– I actually really feel like I’m on a break right now. Yes, there are albums to be done but I’m getting to work on stuff that INEVER have time for during wedding season and I’m loving it!

– Last weekend my mom and sister came and stayed with me and guess what we did on Saturday? NOTHING. We stayed in our pajamas until 2pm and the only reason I changed was to go pick up Panera To-Go! It was wonderful!

– I love Bokeh… Michael and I both do. He’s a constant source of entertainment and we LOVE it when he falls asleep on the couch at night and we can have some “family time” without him chewing on everything in sight! He’s a cutie and we’re glad he’s in our life!


Business Goals for February…

– Continue to conqueror albums and get the oldest ones done FIRST

– Complete the bridal guide and send it OUT!

– Set up PASS and learn how I want to integrate that into my workflow

– Make my Mobile Showit Site

– Send out some submissions


Some Personal Goals….

– Finished the Entre-Leadership book by Dave Ramsey

– Do a budget with Michael

– Edit personal photos

– Continue to potty train this puppy!

– Make Bokeh LIKE his brush!


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