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LOVE to follow?! I’ve been wanting to do a post about this for a while now! Why? Well because I love hearing about photographers that other photographers follow! We are living in a digital age where EVERYONE knows of SOMEONE who shoots for a living. However, because the industry is so over saturated, sometimes some of the most AMAZING photographers are over shadowed…. and that’s sad! So if you have some blogs that you have bookmarked to your “Daily blog checking” folder, please SHARE! I think everyone has a few photographers that they follow that maybe not EVERYONE has had a chance to see!

I follow a lot of very DIFFERENT people…… and I tend to come back to the photographers that blog CONSISTENTLY! However, there are some photographers that just blog every now and then and they are just so good that I keep coming back for more!! So here are a few on my list that you may or may not already follow! And I’m going to list WHY I love following them! :


Jasmine Star (duh) – Marketing genius and OUR wedding photographer! whatwhat!!!

Justin & Mary – Business gurus and lighting pros… amazing business partners:)

Zach & Jody – OCF Pros and business geniuses…and just fun people!!

Bobbi & Mike – Love seeing their behind the scenes shots!!

Jose Villa – He’s just awesome (Film)

Ryan Ray – More beautiful film!

Melissa Jill – Business help out the wazoo! She’s a sweetheart!

Stephanie Fay – Sweet friend, GORGEOUS clean, crisp images

Jessica Claire – I secretly just want to see more pics of her baby boy & sheep dog! Creeper status?

The Schultzes – Awesome husband/wife duo that love the Lord and have an adorable baby boy!

You + We – CRAZY composition and lighting!

Laffler Photography – More CRAZINESS… Totally the farthest thing from my style but I LOVE his work!!

Brandon Kidd – Former Jstar groom and just has beautiful weddings!

Gabriel Ryan – Beautiful work! Adorable family!


So! There you have it! Those are the MAIN blogs I keep up with on a regular basis and I love that most of them don’t have the same style as me. They are all VERY different and I think that’s important. When I find myself checking blogs with similar styles to mine, I start the comparing game and that’s never good! So I try to switch it up constantly!!  If you have some awesome photographers that you follow, share them in the comment box so that I can check them out too!!! Happy Friday everyone!!



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