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a friend’s wedding, it’s like the best of both worlds. I get to be a apart of their celebration and I also get to be behind the scenes.  I literally spent ALL day with Alex and Rachel and I loved every minute of it! You may remember these two from their engagement session.  I was a part of a worship team for Intervarsity at CNU and that’s where I met Alex.  Alex and I met sophomore year and continued to be a part of the band until we graduated. What you need to know is that this band wasn’t a typical band. We were a family. We spent literally HOURS sharing our life with one another. It was the most RANDOM group of people and I loved it. I remember hearing Alex talk about Rachel and since they 

started dating the same time  Michael and I did, I could relate to all of Alex’s stories about how hard it was to have a long distance relationship and how marriage seemed SO far off in the future.  Over the course of those three years, that band shared some amazing stories and then sometimes we would come together and one of us would be really broken. I’ve watched Alex walk through some really hard times in life and because I’ve seen all of the ups and downs that he has experienced…it made being a part of his wedding day so incredible.  I’ve watched the last 3 years of Alex and Rachel’s story unfold and I can honestly say that I have never seen Alex so happy. When he saw Rachel for the first time, he was speechless… and if you know Alex Vargas… that NEVER happens!:)  He hugged her, kissed her and as he tried to hold back the tears, he whispered that she was stunning and he didn’t deserve her……Whew! Those moments get me every time! I’m trying to shoot and I get all choked up! It’s such an honor to be a part of the happiest day of my friend’s life. I was reminded, once again, of how much I love my job. Alex and Rachel have waited 8 YEARS for this day and despite the rain and drizzle, it was absolutely perfect in every way. I love these two and Michael and I are SO happy for them!!!  Alex and Rach, you are two incredible people! I love you both and I hope Mexico is absolutely AMAZING!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! You’re MARRIED! FINALLY!!! Yesss!!!


Oh Rachel… there are no words. You look AMAZING.

I was whispering to Alex “don’t you dare turn around! Just a few more seconds!”.  Alex is like a big kid, he could barely contain himself!!

Told ya she looked amazinggggg!!!

I’m pretty sure I told Alex to look off into the distance but he just kept staring at her… and that’s totally fine with me:)

love them.

Love the one on the right!

ALEX!!!!! GAH! You look like you own the place!

It was raining in ALL of these pictures…. these people are awesome.

The band pic.

Probably one of my most favorite bridal portraits ever.

yes. yes. yes.

Of course Kerr Place would have an ORANGE room to match their fall wedding colors. How perfect.

And it was raining during these too! These two care about their PORTRAITS! They would do anything for a good pic!


Ok, this is such a fun idea! Rachel and Alex grew up together in Onancock on the Eastern Shore. Rach made a hand drawn map of their little town and each table was named after a different location in Onancock!

Donuts?! Awesome.

Reception | Ker Place

Dress | Casablanca Bridal (Purchased at Russell’s Formals)

Florals | Basket and Bows

Ceremony | Onancock Baptist Church

Bakery | Corner Bakery

Catering | Exmore Diner

Invitations | The Book Bin


xoxo, Katelyn
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