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my FIRST worship team practice, EVER….. and there he was. Alex Vargas. At first sight, he can be intimidating… he’s always taller than everyone in the room… however, I quickly found out that Alex Vargas is one of the most gentle spirited people I have ever met. Someone once described him as a big teddy bear and I think that title fits him perfectly. He cares so deeply for people and even though he may never show up to practice on time… he’s one INSANELY TALENTED musician. Alex actually played in the band at OUR wedding ceremony and so when Alex and Rachel asked me to be a part of THEIR wedding day, of course

I was thrilled!!  These two are amazing. I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart for this couple because they have dated since high school and that’s HARD to do. When you date over 6 years… you enter into this “umm, we should be married by now” phase and it can be tough. Michael and I dated for 8 years before we were married and so I know how excited these two are! I mean, can you imagine calling someone your “boyfriend” over and over for almost a decade and then one day getting to say “And this is my HUSBAND, Michael!”  I still love saying that…. sometimes I’ll ask a teenager at church “Hey have you seen my husband?” just because I can. It’s wonderful. Marriage is wonderful and I’m so excited for Alex and Rachel’s big day!! I can tell you already that there will be TEARS a-flowing!


Alex and Rach, I loved my time with you! I’m so thankful for your friendship and SO incredibly honored to be a part of your big day!! Bring it on September!!!!!!!! Enjoy my favorites!!

Rachel you’re so photogentic! I love it!

One of my favorites!!!

No, sorry, THIS is my fav! I have many! Gosh!!! How cute are they?!

Alex you have such a great smile! …. and laugh…Alex laughs constantly……like, CONSTANTLY. If he’s not laughing… something is wrong!:)

I made them stand in a briar patch for this one…thorns and all… I’m so MEAN! But it was worth it:)

I love how cute Hilton Village is! Why don’t we design houses like these nowadays?!


Rach… there are no words. Simply beautiful!

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