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were rolling in FAST. And the faster they came, the quicker I drove. I feel sorry for the people that were passing me on those back country roads! I was on my way to meet Melissa and Corey for their eshoot and we HAD to make this happen on that afternoon. Why? Because only days after Corey proposed, he started a new job in New York at a Young Life camp. He had one visit back home and this was it! So we made it happen. We arrived at a family friend’s farm and I’m not even joking, we shot about 400 images in a matter of 23 minutes!! The dark blue clouds were SCARING me and so I kicked it into overdrive.

Luckily, Corey and Melissa look like models naturally and they picked up of my posing immediately. I was beyond impressed! Thank goodness I already know and love these two or else they would have thought I was CRAZY! We were shooting SO fast! As we wrapped up at location one, we hit the road for location #2 and tried to out run the storm…. and we were successful! The WHOLE evening we were dodging downpours left and right.  Thankfully whenever we stopped and got out of the car to try to shoot a little bit more, the clouds cooperated!! The dark skies made for some amazing light and I’m so thankful for a cool, only slightly damp evening to shoot these images for this great couple.


Melissa was my roommate in college. (I’m sure you’re thinking “Gosh, how many did you have?!!”). Well, you’ve met Emily, Kelley and Mandy… well up next is Melissa and let me tell you… I have creepily thought about how GREAT it was going to be to shoot this girl’s wedding for a LONG time! She’s just BEAUTIFUL!!!  Ever since the first time she came into the Middle House and said “Soooo… I may have met someone…”… we knew this was it. Corey is so perfect for her and it was only a matter of time until he popped the question. I love Melissa to death but we are both super busy and so to get a phone call from her at 9:30 at night is rare….. and so when my iPhone buzzed and I saw her name, I looked at Michael and said “Ah!! I bet she’s ENGAGED!!!!!!”…. and I was right:). Those are just the BEST phone calls ever!!!! I’ve been excited for these two ever since that call and I’ve been looking forward to their engagement session for WEEKS!! I hope you enjoy my favorites of this insanely gorgeous and sweet couple!! Corey and Melissa I’m so happy for you and November can’t get here soon enough!!!


If I had an empty wall in my house I would really consider hanging this on it.

Oh Melissa! You’re so radiant!! I love your smile!!

Love this!

Aren’t those clouds scary?! I thought it was going to let loose at any moment!

work it!!!

Love this too!

Love dark clouds!…. when they are in the distance!

Nice Corey!!


I want your hair! (Talking to Melissa, Corey’s yours is great too but Melissa just has amazing volume!!!)

Perfect ending? I think yes.

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