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love something… you like talking about it. That’s just the way it goes. Why do I show everyone pictures of my dog when chances are, they’ve already seen him… because I LOVE him!! So when it comes to photography and answering questions, I’m in my element. Now, this doesn’t mean I want to discuss aperture settings and backlighting while I’m sitting at the dinner table… but when I do have a chance to talk business with other photographers, it’s fun for me! The BEST type of photography conversation is one that allows me to help newer photographers grow.

Seeing them have a “light bulb” moment is awesome!! Ya know, when you share that one tip and all of a sudden EVERYTHING makes sense?! Yea, those moments. They’re the best!!! And I get to experience a lot of those moments through Coaching sessions!! When I’m only shooting with two photographers at a time, I get the chance to answer specific questions and hear their story.  It’s SO much easier to help someone move forward when you know where they are coming from and I think that’s why coaching sessions are working so well!


My time with Nikki, Charlotte (they’re a team!) and Sarah was amazing! I couldn’t have picked a group of girls with more energy and enthusiasm!!! They really brightened my whole WEEK! At the end of the day, I told Michael “I love doing this.”….. and so naturally, I’m offering more coaching dates! This little “idea” that I had last April has turned into one of my FAVORITE parts of my business!! If you’re interested in being a part of a coaching session in 2013, you can claim your seat TODAY! 20 dates were announced last week and 9 are still available! If you’re interested, you can sign up HERE! 



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