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been asked on multiple occasions, “So what ARE coaching sessions?”. This is a great question that I love to answer!! I realized two years ago that even though I LOVE teaching workshops, I was receiving a lot of requests for mentoring and one-on-one training. Photographers from all over had very specific questions about their businesses and they wanted advice about how to make this dream of theirs actually HAPPEN! A workshop is a GREAT way to learn about how I made it happen and how I run my business from top to bottom… but there isn’t much time for personal evaluation for the attendees. It’s just

impossible to sit down with EVERYONE for 30 minutes and come up with a game plan to change their business!  To me, that’s the easiest way to explain a “Coaching Session”.  It’s one-on-one time for the two of us to sit down and come up with a game plan to make dreams happen…. to make income start flowing in… to make life easier…. to reduce stress…. to get organized…. to set goals…. to move FORWARD.

I used to think that people that weren’t making things happen in their businesses just didn’t care that much about moving forward. They seemed content to me. However, I have realized that MOST photographers and small business owners that aren’t growing their businesses are struggling because they need help with the NEXT STEP. It’s not that they don’t care, it’s that they feel paralyzed where they are. They don’t know how to make it happen and they also don’t even know where to begin!! Coaching sessions can help with this. Some small business owners are doing really well and that’s AWESOME!! …. But their management skills are under developed and they are ruining their client experience because they just can’t keep up…. coaching sessions can help with that. Other business owners have been in their industry for SO long that they are now being overtaken by this new wave of entrepreneurs and they can’t seem to bring clients in the door anymore … coaching can help this.  Other small business owners have AMAZING products and services and while they have a client base, they can’t seem to raise their prices/profit because their web presence doesn’t represent them well at all…. coaching can help with that.

The BEST decision I’ve made in my business is to invest in other people’s opinions beside my own.  When more experienced leaders in the industry give me advice about my business, I listen. I listen because over the last 4 years, those little pieces of advice have been GAME CHANGERS for me!! It’s worth it to invest in other opinions.

Notice that I didn’t always say “Photographers” or the “Photography Industry” in the paragraphs above.  I’m noticing more and more that small businesses are all so similar! If you’re a small business owner or have a dream of becoming a small business owner, coaching sessions are for you too! They are not limited to photographers or even wedding industry professionals. They are for anyone wanting to make dreams happen, see changes in their businesses and start moving forward!! If you’re interested in a coaching session, we have some late summer dates available! You can reserve your seat HERE!!

Last week I had the privilege of hanging out with two amazing women. Abby and Sarah are at very different places in their businesses and so that made it an extra interesting day for me! I loved it! Sarah is in college and is just starting to really take this business idea and RUN with it! Abby is more established and she’s ready to take big steps into the next frontier of this journey within this industry! It’s exciting!! These two have so much awaiting them in 2013…. more than I think they even realize!! It was such a honor to be a part of the next step of their business growth!! Enjoy some of their headshots and have an amazing Tuesday!! More RV Vaca pics coming tomorrow!!! Woopwoop!!


Abby! Stop it! 

I seriously wish they would lighten up a little.

Ha this cracked us up!!

Loved my time with you two!! Cannot WAIT to see what 2013 holds for your businesses!!

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