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I’ve actually never done this before! I’ve always done recaps of our images and of our year professionally but I have never taken the time to gather the personal highlights. After doing this, I’ve realized that I need to make this a “thing” each year! I got a little choked up last night when I was pulling these images. This year was INSANE….. in a good way. I honestly didn’t realize just how much we had accomplished…. how many dreams came to life…. how many places we had traveled too… how many incredible memories we made with sweet friends….. how much my family had changed!

I’m honestly just blown away. This was a GOOD year for us. It wasn’t just a good year because of what WE did… it was a good year because of what GOD did. If it was totally fine to share all about other’s personal stories, I would write out all of the things that God has done in 2014 and it would honestly blow your mind. Obviously, I’m not going to tell other people’s stories and but I will say this, I have seen God work more in this ONE YEAR than I have in all of our 6 years in business. I know He’s always been present and doing His thing but this year He allowed us to see what He was up to… right in front of us… annnnd now I’m crying. I don’t care how many places we mark off our bucket lists…. or how many beautiful weddings we shoot… or how many business projects we crank out… if God isn’t getting the glory, this is all worthless. It’s all HIS anyway. I’m SO thankful that 2014 wasn’t just a year about US. When I think back and try to remember 2014 memories, I hope I’m always reminded first of the people that came to know the Lord, the amazing conversations that I have been praying for for YEARS and the amazing relationships that God pieced together. After I remember all of that… THEN I can relive the trip to Alaska, Australia, and Hawaii. It’s only after I realize how God has used us that I can truly consider myself successful… and I mean that wholeheartedly. Everything else will pass away eventually…. what He has done will not…. and that gives me such hope!!!!

So, looking back on this year…. on a much light note…. we have some crazy statistics to share! In 2014, we really stepped up our traveling game. We covered over 61,000 miles in the air over the course of 44 flights!! whoa!! We also spent over 30 nights in Hampton Inns all over the country! That’s a MONTH! When Michael told me that, I cringed! But ya know what, they do have good little breakfast stations in the morning! :)

I think this year had an pretty equal amount of personal and professional memories and I’m feeling so sentimental going through this post! I’ll try to explain each memory so that you can follow along!!! Here’s to an incredible 2015!!!!!!

We started off our year in HAWAII with Josh and Mandy! Trip of a LIFETIME!!! 

Our friends Buddy and Jill came to us in spring 2013 and asked us to pray with them about a potential move to Big Spring Farm! Well, it happened!! And we did our “couples retreat” there at the beginning of the year! The place has been a blessing to us in SO many crazy ways! 

A freezing WORKSHOP EXPERIENCE in February!!! Loved this group!!

Our first big snow at the new house!!! 

A random, snow getaway to Big Spring Farm was one for the books… mainly because of our sledding ramp video that Jill made!!! Hilarious! 

I spoke at UNITED 2014 in Santa Barbara, California about Blogging! 

It’s there that we met Jordan and Amy Demos for the first time! …. Yes, we haven’t even known them for a year yet! HOW is that possible?! They definitely win the “Best relationship surprise of 2014” award!!! We are so thankful that they walked up to us after the 5 minute fuel and introduced themselves! The rest is history!!! Oh and ps… that top left picture?! I will NEVER forget the amazing stuff that happened with that group of girls!!!! Love them all!!!

On a much lighter and less important note…. I met Harry Conick Jr. in the LAX airport… and I had a random burst of confidence and asked him to take a selfie. He looks thrilled right? haha Also! Abby Grace took some AMAZING shots of us in Santa Barbara during that trip and I love them!!! (left)

Abby, this will always be a fav!!!! 

Then, I did something I NEVER thought I would do…. ever. I spoke at WPPI…. the large wedding and portrait photography conference in the country! 

Thanks to Matt Kennedy for these!!!!! 

The best part of that trip? Our friend Bud and Jill flew in to support us…. and they came bearing “KJ KREW” tshirts!! hahahaha!!!!!

We snuck out of the conference one day, rented a convertible and drove to the Hoover Dam!

I had the opportunity to speak at the “Shoot and Share” both at the WPPI Tradeshow!!

And Jill and Bud made the promo pass galleries!!!!

It’s still surreal to see my images almost lifesize! 

Then we got home from that big trip and drove to New Jersey with Michael’s mom and picked up Molly girl!!! I’m happy to say that these two have become friends!!!! YAY!!!

Then the CONNECT retreat happened!!! And it was amazing! Michael and I spoke together for the first time ever!!

And we made some very entertaining memories with some incredible people! 

The April Workshop Experience!!! Love this group! 

Then we were Bermuda Bound with Michael’s parents!! 

We loved this cruise with them! 

Then….. things REALLLLLY got crazy! My little sister got MARRIED to the most amazing guy!!!!! And I had the privilege (along with Jill and Annamarie) of shooting her wedding day. These will ALWAYS be my favorite images. Always.

Emy and our Gran Gran! :) 

Emy and Daddy’s first look! 

Right after Emy and Joe’s wedding, we flew to Sarasota and shot a wedding! Then we came home and hosted our first “Small Business Social” for small business owners!! 

Then…. this happened. We launched The Collection! This was supposed to be a 2015 project but we actually had two weddings cancel in 2014 so we made it happen sooner!! And we’re SO thankful we did!!!!! We love having this resource for photographers! 

Fourth of July weekend was our first Camping trip with Bokeh boy in a real campground!!! He did great! :)

Then we did a 4 day family vacation to Smith Mountain Lake and it was so much fun! I think the BEST part of this trip was that it was our first trip with Joe OFFICIALLY a part of the family!!! 

Then we randomly went on a sailing trip with Buddy’s family!! Best last minute trip ever! 

Bokeh boy even went!!!

Then things just got crazy! We planned a workshop in Australia! One of the BEST things that came from that trip was our relationship with this sweet girl! Gabrielle styled our shoot and we just LOVE her!!!!!! So amazing to have friends on the other side of the WORLD! 

Our Australian workshop will probably always be our favorite workshop… I know we shouldn’t have favorites, but we just adored this guy, this setting and this shoot!!! 

THEN, we went to visit friends in Alaska and shot Tyler and Katie’s engagement session on a glacier! And I could have stopped shooting right then because I felt like I hit the pinnacle of my shooting locations… literally! :)

Then we headed to Seattle for a wedding and had a day to spend with some of the sweetest people on the plant! Ike and Tash spent the entire day with us at the fair and we loved every minute of it!!! …. And little Wisdom is such a precious ball of joy!! I wish we lived closer so that we could babysit! 

Workshop #3!!!! 

Loved speaking in DC and also at two CLIC conferences as well! 

This was such an upexpected highlight! My brother decided to SING with me…. in public!!! People, this is a MIRACLE!!! He doesn’t do stuff like this! We sang at my dad’s 25th anniversary at our home church and it was a shocker! My momma cried and cried! 

Then we had a cookout with some sweet friends! 

Workshop #4!!! It included TWO proposals! What the heck?! amazing!!!

Our last trip of the year was Party Barge 2014 and it was perfect! I wouldn’t have changed a thing!!! We loved our time with these friends! 

Then I sang at Jazz Nativity 2014 and it was my favorite year to date!!

THEN Matt and Carissa Kennedy came to visit and we worked on a special project… and met their new puppy! 

This special filming project was a two day affair but we rolled through it!!! 

Then I went to a retreat… not to lead anything… not to teach anything… I just went to NC to gather with these amazing ladies. We built each other up, prayed together, shared our stories and encouraged one another. It was something I didn’t know that I needed… but OH did I need it. What a gift! Thank you so much Lara and Nancy!!!

Then I flew with my brother for the first time ever!!!! 

Then we hosted a Christmas Part for college students and loved every minute of it! 

And then I turned 27 on the side of a ski slope with great friends… and 2015 begin the next day! WHEW!!!!!! What a YEAR!!! I’m so very thankful that you have all been a part of it! I know I’ve taken a little break from blogging… but watch out world! When the new blog is live, you’re going to love it!!!!!!!! woohoo!!!!! Happy 2015!!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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