• Illusions

..that by age 22, I would realize that eating a glass full of Oat Squares (BEST CEREAL KNOWN TO MAN!) and drinking a full glass of milk is the same as eating a bowl of cereal!!!  The thing is, a BOWL of cereal sounds like a meal to me and so when I’m editing and I want something to munch on… I choose to eat cereal this way.  Why? Well, because I’ve convinced myself that if cereal isn’t in a bowl… it’s JUST a snack, not a meal and the calories are going to be much less! What an illusion!! I swear I can talk myself into anything!!! …. and I would believe it!

Like today, I  realized I have 19 DAYS until 10.10.10!!!  and in my mind I thought : “Well 19 days is pretty much 20 days and 20 days is close to 30 days and 30 days is a month!!…. so I still have a month to get everything done! …… It’s bad, really bad. So today I am choosing to embrace the fact that I only have a few weeks to go before the big day and I’m spending ALL day in the Wedding Warehouse (aka, our basement!)


ps.  I’m loving our centerpieces!!!!!!! yay!!!!!

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