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any new phase of life, we’re getting advice on our home building process. When we got a puppy, everyone told us what to do and what not to do…. and while some of what we learned about being puppy parents was trial and error…. I don’t want to learn that way when it comes to building our house! There is no room for error! So we’re listening closely to those that have been down the road before. After meeting with our site manager, I’m sure he just laughed at how ridiculously excited we are! I mean, at the time, it was just DIRT. We were excited about DIRT….. because it’s OUR dirt!!

As we’ve been waiting for the ground breaking, I’ve realized that we’ve adopted some new habits…. which leads me to today’s post.

You may be a first time home builder if……

– You drive out to the lot multiple times a day to look at your dirt.

– You photoshop pictures of the exterior of the house to get an idea of what your siding color will look like.

– You ask a ton of questions…. like, “What’s an HVAC unit?”…. don’t worry guys, I know now.

– You take pictures of your dirt everyday…..even though nothing is happening.

– You drive to your future neighborhood after leaving the gym and pretend you’re going home.

– Your whole family comes to see the foundation of the house.

Oh how embarrassing! ha! We can’t help it… we’re just so excited about this!! And I’m happy to announce that our days of staring at the dirt are over! We have a foundation and by the end of next week, the house will be framed. WHAT?!! This is really happening!!! Everyday there is something new going on and you better believe Michael and I are there at LEAST once a day to document it. :) So here are some pictures that show a little of the progress! :

Can anyone find Bokeh Boy?! He’s so tiny.

Me and our dirt….

Michael and our dirt…




What the dirt looks like now!!!

My brother and sister with the dirt….

My parents with the dirt…

And last but not least… us and our dirt. :) The next update will include a house… I promise!


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