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I’m amazed at this VA weather. As I’m sorting through these images from California, I find it hard to believe that we were just in sunny, 70 degree weather and now that we’re back in VA, we have had yet another snow storm! I’m not complaining! I love the snow!! It’s just strange to see so much of it in late MARCH! Anyway, we’re continuing our journey through our RV Vaca 2013 and I can’t WAIT to share some pics from Yosemite! We traveled to Yosemite on our second day of the trip and it was just breathtaking! The views, the waterfalls and the sequoias were just AMAZING!! As we drove through this awesome area,

we decided that it should be labeled “Nature’s Amusement Park”.  It was so entertaining!  The views were spectacular and if you have never ridden in a 25 foot motor on EXTREMELY curvy mountain roads, let me tell you… it feels similar to a roller coaster. Don’t try to stand up and move around the RV when you’re driving through a national park… you WILL fall and you WILL get multiple bruises!! This happened to me quite often last week.

So we began our Yosemite adventure checking out the Sequoias! As we were driving to them, we would pass a tree here and there that we “thought” was really impressive at the time. Sure, a tree 6 ft in diameter is impressive for us Virginians… but little did we know… we were about to meet a tree 28 feet in diameter!! WOW!!! After looking at this post, you’ll understand why we feel so silly for thinking the DESERT was so beautiful!!  Yosemite puts the desert to shame! So I’ll stop rambling and I’ll let you see what I’m talking about!

See what I mean?! HUGE!!!


The girls and their cameras seemed to tag along behind the guys… there was so much “pretty” in one place!

Love the light through the trees! We timed this stop perfectly!

There she is!!! 28 feet in diameter!! Cra-cra!

And THIS is what the boys look like after too many pictures.

This is not wall worthy:)

Home sweet home!

Ah! Half Dome in the distance!

One of my favorites!

GAHHH!! Doesn’t even look real!

Love this! Thanks Jill!!

Chasing down the waterfalls!

Love this!

Off to our next adventure…. Sanfran!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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