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I love details! …. LOVE THEM. Between the Sugar Shoot last weekend and J&M’s Walk through a Wedding last week, It’s been like detail OVERLOAD! …. and I’ve been loving every minute of it. I just LOVE themes and colors and styled shoots! There are just SO many awesome ideas out there for ALL types of brides. J&M’s American Honey theme would be perfect for a lower budget wedding and everything was DIY! With a little creativity and hot glue… you can make ANYTHING absolutely adorable. Julia and her style team did an incredible job with the details and of course, Justin and Mary were awesome teachers. I was SO excited when I saw that they would be in Charlotte, NC for one of their

Spread the Love stops.  Not only were they offering “Spread the Love” (which if you’re at ALL interested, you should DEFINITELY attend one!) but they were also hosting a “Walk Through a Wedding” workshop…. and you better believe I wanted to go! Walk through a Wedding wasn’t just a seminar… we actually walked through an ENTIRE wedding day with them giving instruction and direction. I knew I could learn some great information from them but as always, they exceeded my expectations. Justin and Mary really do not hold anything back…. they teach it all. No secrets, no tips and tricks that they won’t share… they’re incredibly honest and I think that is because of two reasons. 1. They’re awesome and know their market so well that they aren’t worried about competition at ALL…. and 2. They genuinely LOVE watching other photographers learn and grow. If they weren’t REALLY passionate about equipping newer photographers…. they wouldn’t be doing this. Planning workshops all over the country in the beginning of wedding season is a HUGE undertaking.


J&m, once again, thank you for the giving of your time and talents! You are raising the bar for photographers one city at a time and we appreciate that!!! You’re an incredible pair and it was an honor to spend some time with you two last week. Enjoy NYC!!!


Special thanks to Sharon and Ashley for letting me sleep on their couch!! Love you girls!

Some of these images are a little darker than normal but I like them! We were working with one window and 20+ photographers! Yikes!

Leslie, my dear, you are so gorgeous! Loved these.

ummmm, HELLO!

We didn’t shoot much in the church HOWEVER…. I learned a TON because Justin is a genius. yup.

Our Reception venue… adorable.

Doing their thang….

Julia you’re quite the model:)

Samantha, you are going to make the most BEAUTIFUL bride!!!!

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