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  • WPPI 2014 is Almost Here!

is a part of me that cannot believe that it’s already the end of February! You know what that means?!! It’s CONFERENCE time. Yep! It’s that time of the year that we’re praying all of our prep and hard work will pay off and that I’ll deliver beautiful presentations! We’ll see! I really do love speaking because I love people and I love teaching. It’s the best of both worlds. We have an amazing opportunity to connect with so many people at one time and we’re pumped!! However, the excitement is also coupled with the fear of “Shoot!! What if no one shows up?!! GAH!!”. It’s a real fear.

I’m sure big timers don’t worry about this at all but this little southern photog who is a WPPI newbie has NIGHTMARES about it!! Seriously! Can you imagine walking into a room to speak and no one is there?! Ohh sweet goodness. I know some of our friends will be there but I’m just hoping and praying that we have one awesome group because I really do want to help as many people grow as I can!!

I’m speaking on Creating Community…. the single most important thing we’ve done in our business! If I was talking about pricing… I wouldn’t be as passionate… but this topic is so close to my heart!!! It explains how we grew exponentially the last 6 years and it also shares out heart for our business. We didn’t grow our business by being great at sales, we grew our business because of how we serve our clients! Oh it’s going to be good!! Here’s a sneak peek:

So we’d love to see you there if you’re making your way to Vegas next week!! If you’re using the WPPI planner, be sure to add Tuesday, March 4th from 6:30-8:00pm!! We can’t wait to see you!! Let us know if you’re coming so that we an get excited…. and so I can sleep at night! haha

We are thankful for our friend Tyler Herrinton who helped us out with a special video project for our WPPI talk!!  Here is a little blooper clip!!!

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