• Vegas 2013

five days have just flown by! WPPI seems like a blur. We’re out of sin city and we’re headed out on our RV adventure!! If you’re in CA and pass a “Cruise America” RV that looks lost, just wave, it’s probably us!!! We loved our time with friends in Vegas but if we’re being completely honest, this is what we’ve been looking forward to the most!! We’ve had this planned for SO long!! Buddy and Jill are with us for this adventure and we are so excited to spend some time together!! So wish us lucky and be sure to check out some of our instagrams from VEGAS!!!

Trip highlights would definitely have to be:

– Creating an abundance of VINE videos… especially the one of the woman on the plane!

– Riding in DJ’s Tesla! The car of the future!!

– Hanging out on our balcony on the 30th floor!!

– Seeing so many incredible friends that we cherish!

– Amazing dinners with AMAZING people.

– Going to see Cirque Du Soleil “KA” show on Wednesday night with Bud and Jill!

– Hosting a “Posing Evolution” class on Tuesday morning!

– Our day at the pool!!! We skipped class:)

– Watching the Bachelor Finale with sweet friends, new and old!!

– Staying up for 24 hours the first day we got there!!

– Chill time in the suite!

– Seeing my amazing vendors that I LOVE and meeting new ones that I’m going to try out:) Yay 2013!! It’s going to be a good business year!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!


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