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  • Behind the Scenes | February 2015

This workshop is one for the books! No, there weren’t two proposals like last time… but there was a BLIZZARD!! … Which was equally unexpected. We had 70 degree weather a few weeks ago and now we’re looking at 7 degrees tomorrow! How is that even possible?! So when we heard that it was going to be in the 20’s for our shoot, Amanda and I started brainstorming. The thing is, we can shoot in the cold! Our camera will work, the light will be fine, our fingers will work until they freeze… overall there wasn’t a SHOOTING issue, it was a floral issue! You see, flowers FREEZE in 20 degree temperatures and so we had to shoot FAST!

Thankfully, it started to snowed right towards the end and so we have some snow covered shots of the models (The Amazing Mark and Emily!!!).  After couldn’t move our fingers anymore from the cold, we headed inside and photographed the cake and did some posing demos while we thawed out! This group of girls were ah-mazing! NO ONE complained about the miserable temperatures… if anything, they were excited about it! One the second day we ran outside and took a group pic in the snow just to remember how crazy this workshop was! I loved every minute of it and I’m so thankful that these awesome ladies spent two full days with us! They are such gems in the industry and I know they are going to do big things with their businesses!!!

Once again, this only happened because of several people who selflessly serve and help us! Michael & Bobbi made everything run behind the scenes and the following vendors made our shoot happen… in the arctic temperatures!! (Amanda was literally building a floral display in the GARAGE with a kerosene heater!! crazy town!) Thank you to my dad and brother for helping Michael with the heater stuff! And thank you so much to these talented individuals! :

thank you!

Gown| Urban Set Bride
Furniture Rentals | Paisley & Jade
MUA | Emily Hudspeth
Cake |  Sorby Sweets
Florals & Styling |Amanda Veronee
Paper Flowers | Sweet Pear Paper
Calligraphy | Meant To Be Calligraphy

I have to say that Bokeh boy was QUITE a hit at this workshop. Not that he isn’t usually….but he got some EXTRA attention at this one. I think it must be because of his cute haircut! :)

 That look on Em’s face says it all…. ” IT’S COLD!!!”

 Seriously love these two! A lot! So thankful for them! Mark drove down after work, in TRAFFIC just to be an awesome model for 45 mins and then drive back in a snow storm! If that doesn’t give you all star “KJ Groom” status, I don’t know what does!!!!

 It may have been hard to shoot because of the cold, but it was still stunning! 

I love meal time around the table!!

 Love these sweet friends!!! So thankful for my time with them this week!


And last but certainly not least, a HUGE thank you to our SPONSORS!!! :

We Love You!







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xoxo, Katelyn
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