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workshop is one for the books! It mean, I knew about all of the surprises but I didn’t realize just how epic they would be until they happened! We had 12 amazing women drive and fly in from all over the country for this November workshop experience! Florida, Kentucky, Texas, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Wisconsin, Georgia…. WOW!!! How incredible is that?! I’m blown away just typing those locations out!!! But not only did these awesome ladies make this an incredible workshop, there were TWO PROPOSALS!!!!! WHAT?! Not one, but TWO!!!! Ahhhh!!!!!

How in the world can we ever top THAT?! Amanda has been styling our workshops for two years now and I honestly can’t even imagine doing this without her! She’s incredible and I’m so thankful for her talent, her friendship and her reliability! This girl NEVER disappoints!! Well, once again, she went above and beyond!! And this time, the styled shoot was extra special for her because her younger sister and her boyfriend were modeling. Not only were they modeling, there was a surprise proposal in the works!!!

I knew about this proposal for several months and it was SO hard not telling all of the workshop attendees!!!! What an exciting thing to witness AND photograph!!! Also, how many girls get to say they got engaged while wearing a WEDDING dress!? Ha! Dustin knocked it out of the park and everything about it was so perfect!!!

Now, fast forward to DAY TWO! We’ve spent all day working on all things “business” oriented and it’s time for dinner. We sit down to eat and the doorbell rings. Michael and I go to answer it because we know who it is…. It’s Lindsey’s boyfriend Logan! :) He flew in from Missouri to surprise her AND propose to her!! At the workshop!!! She was completely caught off guard and so were all of the other attendees! After the excitement died down, the girls looked at me and said “Ok! Is there ANYTHING ELSE we need to be aware of?!!!! Who else is getting engaged?!!”.  Ha! Here are some head shots of our new friends! Look at these beautiful girls!!!

It was an amazing two days with so much excitement! Here are some behind the scenes shots of the workshop! And I can’t possibly thank the following people enough for their help!!!:

Michael : He literally runs the show. I just teach! I could never do this without him!!!!!

Bobbi (Michael’s mom) : She has been a part of our workshops for YEARS now and I can’t imagine doing one without her! She shows up on Sunday to help us prep and then helps Michael with the meals and the shoot. I’m so thankful she is always so willing to help us!!

Amanda : This girl…. she’s incredible! Her floral and styling work never disappoint and I’m so thankful for all of the hard work she puts into these shoots!!! She’s a life saver to me!!!

Samantha and Dustin, our models! : Thank you for not only modeling, but for allowing us to witness one of the most amazing experiences of your life!!

Paisley and Jade: Your rentals totally MAKE our shoots!! I can’t wait to show you the images!!!!

Emily Hudspeth : This dear friend of mine is a breath of fresh air and I love having her involved! She does hair and makeup for the styled shoot and Samantha looked amazing!

Katherine Elizabeth Bridal : Katherine came all the way from NYC to hangout with us and deliver this gorgeous gown!!! Custom made!!! She’s incredible! Checkout her work HERE! She specializes in custom wedding gowns and lingerie!

Sweet Pear Paper : This is my new favorite type of wedding decor!! Gorgeous paper designs!!!

The Mrs. Box : Have you seen these vintage french velvet engagement ring boxes?! To die for! So excited that I got to shoot one during a REAL proposal!!

Also, HUGE thank you to our sponsors that spoil our attendees! So thankful for you all!!! :








THE COLLECTION By: Katelyn James



Sweet baby Bane!!!!

Love this group!!!!

We had amazing weather!!

Ever wondered what Bokeh boy does during workshops??  :)

Ps. What the heck am I doing in the background!? Weirdo.

And then she got to tell her momma!!! (Who knew about the whole thing and helped make it happen! Love this!)


We are working on a “Special Project” that requires live filming and we have decided to open up 6 seats to a live audience! I’ll be presenting and sharing about Branding and Marketing Essentials. This filming process will be two days worth of content and will take place from 10am-4pm in our home in Richmond, VA. Only 6 seats available.  To signup and learn more, CLICK HERE! 

WPPI 2015!!! We’re so excited to announce that I’m speaking again!!! I’m so honored… and nervous! :) I just wanted to let the cat out of the bag early because I’m speaking EARLY! I’m speaking on Sunday which is DAY ONE of the normal platform classes so if you’re planning on coming, fly in early! We’d LOVE to see you there!! CLICK HERE to read about my speaking topic!

NEW DATES! These dates went out over the weekend to our NEWSLETTER friends! There are only 6 workshop seats available, yikes! And only 10 Coaching Seats!! If you’re interested, grab them NOW! We’re not sure how long they will be available. You can access signups HERE! 

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