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married last New Years Eve.  The weather was a dream come true and everyone was excited…. but Tony was sick. He felt awful on their wedding day.  They did their best to make it through the portraits and continue on to the reception. Even though it wasn’t the ideal situation, they made the most of it. Kara told me this story when we started emailing a few months back. I was heartbroken for her. She explained that she REALLY wanted to relive the portrait part of her wedding day and so we made it happen! I met Tony and Kara in downtown Richmond last week for a “Married” shoot.  They got back into their wedding attire and we treated their portrait session

as if it was a wedding day. We weren’t on a timeline crunch, instead, we were trying to out-shoot the RAIN! That’s right, it rained ALL day long last Wednesday but that didn’t stop us. We had a mission… and that mission was to allow Tony and Kara to experience what they missed out on during their wedding day. Kara explained it as a “Second chance” and I loved her attitude about it. Stuff happens that is beyond our control and we can’t change it … even if we wanted to!  For me, this is a lot of fun because I got to photograph a gorgeous couple and I didn’t have ANY time restraints!  We walked around downtown Richmond, dodging puddles and mud… and we were able to capture some beautiful images.  Tony and Kara made it easy for me to capture their love and I’m so thankful that I was able to be a part of this special day for them! I hope they get to cherish these images for  years and years to come!

Starting it off with one of my FAVORITES from the whole day!

Kara you’re stunning!

The light on rainy days makes me SO happy! I promise never to complain of rain AGAIN!

Another fav!


Kara is about a foot shorter than Tony… so her dad made this custom box for her to stand on! HOW CUTE!!!!

It started raining A LOT… so we took cover for a few minutes and just happened to find a red door!

Love this. 


get. it. girl. So good!

Loving her bling!! Great way to end a beautiful post of a beautiful couple!!

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