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Every year I have a winter wedding that I book and I think “Man! That’s so far away!”.  When Joe and Melissa booked back in the summer, December seemed so far off…. like it would never get here! Then fall came and that wasn’t the case anymore. Before I knew it, we were 2 weeks away and I was wondering where the month of December had gone!! Joe and Melissa tied the knot in Hampton, VA this past Saturday at Liberty Baptist Church. This is a random fact but my grandparents are members at Liberty and my mom and dad were actually married there many moons ago! It was good to be in a familiar area with familiar people that I love! If you remember from their engagement shoot, 

I mentioned that I went to college with these two and served on a leadership team with them as well! They weren’t dating back then… they actually weren’t ever interested in each other! But oh how things have changed!!  These two couldn’t be more in love and ready to start this new phase of life together. They are a wonderful example of God’s perfect timing. Their relationship began and there wasn’t any wondering or guessing if this was right… they just knew, this was it!! All their friends and family rejoiced with them on Saturday and it was a beautiful celebration! The morning rain scared us a bit but the skies cleared RIGHT before their first look and I couldn’t have been more thrilled!!!! It worked out perfectly and we were even able to get some glowy evening shots! (which is hard to do in the dead of winter!) So enjoy this beautiful wedding of my two sweet friends and Happy New Year everyone!!


Sweet moment…



Nice Joe!!!

Michael’s shot…..

Please take notice of the runner in the background. Priceless.


Michael’s shot:)

So cute! 

Recognize these guys?!! So many KJ brides at one wedding!! Love them all!

xoxo, Katelyn
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