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know if you’ve noticed or not… but my blog posts have been going up a little earlier than usual this week! It’s a new habit I’m trying to form! (wish me luck!) Sometimes it can be hard to find motivation to get my posts up early… especially since I have been blogging every weekday for over 5 YEARS! Crazy right?! Well, it wasn’t hard to get motivated for this one because I absolutely adore these two. Travis and Shannon are just the cutest and I am SO thankful we were able to spend some time together on Monday for their engagement shoot before the arctic decided to come visit the east coast!

It was a beautiful 62 degrees in our beautiful city… the perfect setting for a winter engagement shoot. We started in Carytown and then headed downtown. Travis and Shannon are an easy couple to photograph … not just because they are a beautiful…but because they are best friends. I know most couples would consider their significant other their “best friend” but when it comes to Travis and Shannon, it’s so visible in their relationship! You’ll see what I mean when you look through their images. They just adore one another and I know they cannot WAIT to get married and start the next season of their life together!

Now I have to admit that I had a hard time narrowing these down… they both have beautiful smiles, amazing personalities and the cutest interactions with one another and so picking my favorites was no easy task. Enjoy a few of my many favorites and get pumped to see these two on the blog again in July!!! Yay!!

Ps. You might recognize them already…. because I shot their PROPOSAL this past spring!!

Ohhh Shannon, you’re gorgeous my ginger friend! Love that hair!!


We almost got hit by a bus (not really, but close) and I would say it was worth the risk! 

Ha! Shannon don’t hate me for this one… I love it:)

Another fav! And no, there weren’t two suns, just a big reflective window! 

Love this! 

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