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December was a great break for me. It had been over a month since I had photographed a wedding and so I felt like I was ready to roll again! The forecast was great and the venue was close to home… this was going to be a wonderful New Years Eve wedding. Michael and I grabbed lunch at Chik-fil-a and then I headed out. I kissed him goodbye and told him “I’ll see you next year!!”…… He jokingly rolled his eyes at my bad joke and I got in my car and laughed at my rare streak of funniness all the way to interstate 64. It was 60 degrees as I headed downtown and the light was soft and perfect. Courtney arrived, got dressed and we headed to the Capital for some portraits. It was the perfect location! The

white columns and walls created such a clean backdrop for this wedding and I’m SO glad we were able to shoot there!! As the sun started to set, it became a little chilly but Courtney never complained. In fact, I can’t even imagine Courtney complaining about ANYTHING. She’s seriously the sweetest person. After reviewing her “Bride and Groom” Info sheet that helps me prepare for the wedding, I noticed that the “extra” shots she wanted me to try to get had nothing to do with her. All she was concerned about were other people.


I knew I had hit the jackpot when I met with David and Courtney a few months back. They’re a sweet, genuine and GOOD LOOKING couple! I’m one lucky photographer. To work with such awesome couples and their families is such a privilege and this wedding was the perfect way to start 2012. Courtney and David I was so honored to be a part of your day and I can’t WAIT to show you how beautiful it was! Enjoy my favorites!

Beautiful gown!

Oh Courtney you are STUNNING! 

So classy!

The Bolling Haxall House

Such a beautiful bridal party!!

Waiting patiently to see his bride.

Such a fun reaction! If I were him, my jaw would have dropped too!

Ok, we NEVER did engagements or bridals or anything…. so these two have had NO practice modeling! ….I think their first attempt was a success!

A favorite for sure!

See what I mean?!! So intense and beautiful! If being lawyers doesn’t work out for you two… no worries, you can model:)


Another favorite!

Courtney’s niece Emy was in charge of the door… and she kept close tabs on who entered and exited!

gorgeous sanctuary!


Ok, so Courtney was resting while guest left the church and we were waiting to start family portraits… and I felt bad for making her do this while she was taking a break but I couldn’t resist!  I asked her to do a quick model face… and BAM! This is what we got! Courtney I don’t think you realize how good you are at this!!!:)

They gave guests gourmet Chocolate that they fell in love with when they were dating!

LOVE old wedding pictures!

They had a coffee bar… we had to stay energized until midnight ya know!

I just love these colors!

Party time!

And then the guests left with something sweet!! YUM!

Ceremony | Centenary Methodist Church, Downtown Richmond VA

Reception | Bolling Haxall House, Downtown Richmond VA

DJ | Richard Green Entertainment

Planner | Kate Alford

Video | Bethany Silva

Cake | The Buttercream Bee

Catering | White House Catering

Invitations | The Girl Tyler

Favors | Vosges Mini Exotic Chocolate Bars

xoxo, Katelyn
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