• A Day in Winter Garden

went off at 4am… maybe 4:15…. whatever, it was EARLY… that’s all I remember.  We made it to the airport and flew to the little town of Winter Garden, Florida. By the time we got there, it was only 10am so we got brunch at an amazing french cafe on main street and then started our one day visit to Winter Garden! One of our close friends was getting married at an old fashioned theater that day and we just happened to get in SUPER early. The wedding wasn’t until 4:30 and so we literally had the whole day to explore, eat and take a much needed nap. After brunch, we walked up and down the streets and I shot random

things…. like fences, trees, signs, cars, chairs, doors, windows, more doors….and it was so good for me. At WPPI everyone says to remember to “shoot for yourself”…. and I always put that off. My excuse? ….”I don’t have time”.  Well part of being CREATIVE is being INSPIRED and that doesn’t happen when you sit in front of a computer screen everyday! Am I right?! I’m RIGHT. I needed this day and it was so healthy for the “photographer” in me.  I wasn’t shooting this friend’s wedding and that was good for me too! (more on that later:).  Michael and I really LOVED our day together. It was wonderful and of course, I have to blog about it! After all, this blog is also my scrapbook of LIFE! So enjoy a little bit of this old fashioned town!


Wait!! Before you move on, I must explain how AWESOME this town is. It’s seriously from a movie.  All of the vintage store fronts and old fashioned businesses make it such an amazing, peaceful place to visit! There is a well known bike trail nearby and so families road through town on their bikes and couples walked around with their dogs and old men leaned against the hood of their old trucks and chatted….and it was so charming.  “Charming” is the perfect way to describe Winter Garden.  It’s only about 30 miles outside of Orlando and I would MUCH rather spend a day here than in Harry Potter land! (well…. I secretly want to visit Harry Potter land too… and I’m not alone… Michael has shown interest as well… don’t judge us!)


Ok now you can move on! Enjoy these images!

Here is our little French bakery that we loved!…. Maybe we loved it a little too much!

Our Hotel (aka the cutest old fashioned bed and breakfast!)

Being “Artsy”… just let me have my fun….old metal fences CAN be cool!

Coffee shop with awesome Cappuccinos!

and a cool Teal wall (Teal is now being capitalized on this blog…just FYI:)

Inside the old hotel and vintage ice cream parlor!

awwww… look at him:)

I seriously felt like they were filming a movie in this little town! So perfect and quaint!

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