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WARM winter here in Virginia for the most part. We’ve experienced 50-70 degree days almost WEEKLY and while it doesn’t do much for my longing for a snow storm, it is nice for shooting portraits!  Cary and Clint are from out of town and it’s very seldom that they are both together in Richmond. So when Cary emailed me and asked if New Years Day would be a possibility for a quick engagement shoot, of course I agreed. I understand tough schedules and being apart, Michael and I lived that life for a couple years and it’s hard to make

schedules and travel plans work together. So they were together for Christmas and we got to end their time together with an engagement session! Perfect! And the best part was that is wasn’t even cold outside! We were able to walk around the beautiful campus of University of Richmond and snap away without FREEZING to death!


Cary and Clint are an incredibly sweet couple and I knew this just by getting together with Cary for our initial consultation. She came to my home office and we talked for two hours about EVERYTHING under the sun…. their story, their amazing proposal, the ring, their dream jobs, her family, their wedding plans, etc. We just clicked! Maybe it’s a redhead thing, I don’t know…but after that meeting I was SO excited about their wedding day. It’s going to be amazing… you just wait.


Clint and Cary humored me as I made them walk inside the branches of evergreen trees and I’m happy to say that those images were worth feeling ridiculous for! They’re beautiful. The colors, the couple, the lighting…. it was just a beautiful day and I really loved getting to know these two a little bit more. They’re best friends and that couldn’t be more evident in these images. Enjoy some of my favorites and get excited for their wedding this summer!!!! Clint and Cary, THANK YOU for allowing me to capture this side of you. You’re an amazing couple and I can’t wait for the next time you’re in front of my camera!!! xoxo

Michael and I have matching Northface Jackets, and even though we act like we’re embarrassed to wear them at the same time, deep down, we like matching… and I’m glad we’re not the only couple who thinks that way:)

CARY!!!! You’re gorgeous!!! This is a FAVORITE!

Clint, my friend, you have a GREAT Model Face!

Work it girl!

LOVE how beautiful and simple her ring is! So classy!

Such a favorite!

Changing it up… only real men wear bright red pants! Right Clint?! I’m proud of him for being BOLD!

Love it.

GIRRRRL!!!!!! Gah!! You’re beautiful!

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