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photographer has a location or two that they are asked to shoot at over and over again. After a while, there is resentment built up towards that location because they feel burnt out every time they have a session there. I totally understand this feeling. There are some locations in Richmond that I would be happy if I never shot there again. As a creative person, I need NEW places to keep things exciting… or so I thought. Jared and Courtney asked me to meet them in Williamsburg last Friday for their engagement session. Last year, Williamsburg was one of those locations for me that I had shot in numerous times in one season but I wanted to do

whatever they wanted and so I agreed to meet them on the campus of William and Mary. Luckily, these two are alumni and so they knew their way around. I realized very quickly that there were parts of Williamsburg and the campus that I had never explored until last Friday!  As we shot in different nooks and crannies of campus, I came to the conclusion that I was very wrong about Williamsburg! There is still so much to be captured in that little historic town… I just needed to start in a new spot! Jared and Courtney picked the perfect location to begin their session and I couldn’t be happier with the results. These two are so sweet together and they made my job so easy. Between Courtney’s beautiful smile (and great outfit choices!) and Jared’s fun-loving personality, I left yet another engagement session being so grateful for the amazing people that I get to work with. I can’t wait to see these two again! Unfortunately I have to wait a YEAR to take more pictures of them!!! It will be worth the wait for sure! :) So enjoy some of my favorites and hopefully you’ll see why I love Williamsburg again!

These trees remind me of the Redwoods!!

Courtney you’re beautiful!

The “Famous” bridge on campus! If you’re from W&M you know why this bridge is significant!

LOVEEE willow trees! 

Definitely a favorite!!

Any couple willing to hop up onto a dirty old wall in their nice clothes are good sports! 

Love this! Canvas?! 

Courtney’s ring is AH-mazing!! Jared, you did well!!

Love it! 


One of the oldest building on campus… actually, one of the oldest buildings in the COUNTRY!


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