• And Why it Should Make Us Grateful

I’m just going to be honest. Most of the time, I’m preaching to myself with my blog posts. I’m serious. Most of my BEST blog posts have resulted from me having to learn a hard lesson. I think EVERYONE…. even people not in the wedding industry… would agree that the photography industry is exploding. Everyone knows someone that’s “getting into photography” or is a photographer. When this started happening years ago, I was really bitter.

I was bitter because people told me that I was gifted… and that I was talented… and that I had found “MY THING!”.  But when everyone else starts doing the SAME thing and they were being told that they were talented and that they were born to do this… it kind of watered down my “special calling” that I thought I had miraculously found. Suddenly the thing that I had that was so special was seemingly “so easy” for others and that stung.  I don’t know why it bothered me so much but it did.  I struggled with it for a while and I still struggle with it sometimes. We all want to feel like we are “Special” right? It sounds so elementary but it’s true. Sometimes I want to be able to do something that no one can copy… that no one can do because they aren’t ME.  I know I’m not the only one that has felt that in some capacity.

Thankfully, God has done a lot of work in my heart over the years and instead of becoming increasingly more and more hard-hearted, I started realizing that instead of being bitter, I should be building others up. This is better for my well-being, better for business and better for the industry.  It’s not always the most natural thing to do way but it’s always worth it.  I was just talking with a dear friend of mine the other day about hard this is sometimes and after our chat, I continued thinking about it and this is what I realized.

So many people want to be photographers because:

  • It’s a way to make a living as an artist.
  • It allows you to be creative.
  • You’re not sitting in a cubicle all day.
  • You make your own hours and success is up to YOU.
  • There is no ceiling or cap on your income.
  • You are your own boss.
  • You get to serve people.
  • Every shoot is different and exciting in some way.
  • You can market yourself however you want.
  • You can work as little or as much as you want.
  • It’s relatively inexpensive to begin compared to other businesses.
  • It seems easy to start.
  • Based on other photographer’s Instagrams, it seems like a fun life!
  • You may get to travel with your business.
  • You get to create your own success.

When you read through this list of reasons of why people are attracted to this career path, it makes sense.  Who wouldn’t want to give this a shot? And who is to say that the they can’t try simply because there are “too many of us” already.  EVERYONE DESERVES A SHOT AT THIS.  Being bitter about not being “special” is just plain selfish.  If I was 20 years old right now and wanted desperately to make a living being creative and being my own boss, I would be starting my business this year. I can’t IMAGINE what it would have been like if everyone had told me “Well, there are already A LOT of photographers so…..”.  I had my chance… and I MADE IT.  I worked my butt off to “make it” and I created a career for myself.  And THAT’S the key!!

Everyone deserves a shot… literally.

EVERYONE should have the chance to build their dream business.  Will everyone succeed at it? No. Is EVERYONE cut out to be wedding photographer that attempts it? No. Am I the one that should be determining who enters the industry? No. Should I be encouraging those that are just trying to do what I have had the honor of doing the last seven years? Yes.

The fact that there is an enormous amount of new photographers starting businesses on a consistent basis is NOT A THREAT to established photographers.  The THREAT to the established photographer lies within themselves. When established photographers complain that new photographers are killing the industry, THEY are the ones hurting the industry.  Their inability to see past an industry’s saturation issue is what is hurting their business and will ultimately shut them down. No one will EVER be able to stop the growth or lessen the attractiveness of the photography industry.  The more that technology grows and the more affordable it is acquire professional gear, the more the industry will expand.

Embrace growth.

I don’t know about you but I don’t want to the “Mr. Grumpy Gills” of the industry…. I want to be the encourager and the one that is elevating industry standards through education. That’s why we offer workshops, coaching and launched The Collection! We have realized that those “bitter” days have passed it’s time to move forward. We’ve also realize that whenever we get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of new photographers entering the industry, we need to be grateful.  We need to be grateful because are attracted to what we’re doing because WHAT WE GET TO DO IS AWESOME. :) Start thinking of it that way from now on and I guarantee that you’ll see bitterness take a backseat in your business. Life is a lot more enjoyable that way! :):)

If you’re a newer photographer that is just hearing about us for the first time, we have a lot of resources for photographers in The Collection!!  We JUST launched, for the first time ever, some educational resources about PRICING and knowing what you’re worth! We still have a handful of KJ Pricing Kits that are still discounted $40 OFF!! Use CODE: kjpricing at checkout! Enjoy!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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